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August 5, 2015   Area decor  

The Russian firm Mojorno presents Catissa – practical and futuristic-seeking wood cat furniture for climbing, taking part in and sleeping. The Cat Property was developed by the Russian designer Ilshat Garipov and consists of square boxes that can be stacked and put in at any height on the wall. It demands no floor space and can be adapted to any contemporary interior décor.

Cat furniture catissa black Lightwood

It is evident that this cat furnishings from wood by an individual with a very good comprehending of cat conduct and needs has been designed. From this height, cats can observe family members events, young children and dogs get rest and your climbing needs. It even comes with a small ladder for straightforward entry. And so the cat can lie comfortably in their new playground, each and every box with a soft pillow of white Sheepskin is outfitted. They are also machine washable.

Cat furniture catissa black wooden ladder

The Cat Residence approx. 340 euros and 50 EUR shipping from Russia to other European nations.

Catissa should be mounted on a wall, ideally in a managed region. The boxes are produced from pine and painted. There are four color variants: a organic, a cheerfully colorful, a minimalist white and a very masculine-hunting, Black Cat House.

Cat furniture catissa black version

Cat furniture catissa colorful Brightwood

Cat furniture catissa colorful fake fur cushion

Cat furniture catissa colorful four boxes

Cat furniture catissa Lightwood untreated

Cat furniture catissa Lightwood white faux boots for

Cat furniture catissa Lightwood

Cat furniture catissa painted white conductor wall mounted

Cat furniture catissa painted white

Cat furniture catissa white Lightwood

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