As we mentioned at the design and style trends 2017 a furnishings with retro inspiration are so fashionable and chic these days. Example for wonderful furnishings pieces developed in the 1950’s and 60’s and offered close to the globe are those chairs Sibast No 8. and Sibast No seven. Now a lot more than 60 many years later the chair is the first to be relaunched put into production.



In 1953 Helge Sibast created the chair Sibast No eight. A Danish design and style classic, which was component of the Danish design wave in the 1950’s and 60’s, and was sold close to the planet. Now a lot more than 60 many years later the chair is the initial to be relaunched by the grandson and his wife, Ditlev &amp Anna Sibast.


The characteristic y-shaped legs, the floating seat, and the press molded backrest of the chair demands high-quality craftsmanship to be ready to create the distinctive expression and sustainable layout where performance meets aesthetics – the re-launch of a true Danish Layout Classic.


Sibast No seven is the second chair re-launched by SIBAST The chair was created in 1953 by Helge Sibast. The characteristic press molded backrest defines the head and offers an outstanding seating comfort. It tends to make the style distinctive however nonetheless with clear relations back to the 1950’s in which Helge Sibast challenged the techniques of doing work with wood in his patterns.


Currently being a experienced cabinetmaker, he did the manufacturing of his designs himself. The bag legs of the chair are somewhat narrowed which brings simplicity to the style. The seating development lifts the seat cost-free of the legs and gives lightness to the chair.





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