I grew up in an 18th century farmhouse, and we just went to Annapolis yesterday, so I was feeling inspired to look up some colonial interiors.  Here are some lovely examples of colonial exteriors and colonial interiors.  Some are authentic and others had been renovated or new builds created to capture the colonial aesthetic.

I adore this color palette.  It’s quiet but wealthy at the identical time. The broad plank flooring is also wonderful.
via Pinterest by means of Busyboo
A traditional colonial house.
via Pinterest via Steppingstone Journey
The wainscoting, wide plank floors are beautiful in this Pennsylvania museum residence.
through Location division


This house has a modern appear due to the clean lines and monochrome palette even though it’s early American!
by means of Pinterest through Amazon: Early American Country Interiors


An 18th century NJ farmhouse with a red dutch door.  It was for sale last 12 months but was snatched up fairly swiftly.
via Pinterest by means of Content material in a Cottage

This property along the Hudson was renovated.  Reclaimed wood planks are the flooring, and hand-hewn beams with plaster fill in are the ceiling.

via jbmarchitect.com


I feel what’s so appealing to me about colonial interiors is that it harks back to simpler daily life.  No cords, TVs, phones beeping, and so forth.  I envision that daily life was no piece of cake for early Americans though.
through Pinterest by means of The Vintaquarian


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