Ahh, logos. For style geeks like me, the way a brand and web site design comes with each other can be a lot of exciting to witness. But recently, I&#8217ve been dealing with the most difficult client I&#8217ve ever had, and I locate myself genuinely struggling not to slap her.

This consumer? You know her. She&#8217s the 1 creating this post. I have become my personal worst client.


For the last couple of months, I&#8217ve been working on a new blog layout for this site. Many of you prolonged-time readers already know that for the final couple of many years, I&#8217ve been designing blogs and tiny business websites for a handful of consumers beneath the name Sweet Concept Designs. I&#8217m self-taught, getting tested my skills on this website numerous occasions more than in the procedure to learn it, which broke my web site more times than I can count. Via a seemingly random flip of events even though, SWTD was born (however technically incorrect, I extra the &#8220W&#8221 in there by choice I obviously did not believe about initials when selecting the identify&#8230 ha!h). Educating myself how to code became an action I actually actually appreciate, and developing blogs for other folks appeared like a organic following step. These days, I only get on 1 or two clients at a time due to my schedule, but the entire process of helping to turn someone&#8217s intangible concepts into a design that captures their personality is wonderful. That second of when things really begin to click is honestly one of my favored items.

But, like I mentioned, I&#8217m struggling to get to that second inside my personal new site design.

For me, the web development stuff (messing around with the layout/perform of a internet site, customizing templates and plugins, and so on.) is the Enjoyable stuff, and the part I Often seem to struggle with more is the emblem. It&#8217s a critical portion to the entire website&#8217s design and style (essentially, the cornerstone of it), but because it&#8217s the component that&#8217s taking me the longest proper now, I&#8217ve been operating on the entertaining elements even though waiting for inspiration to strike. When it does, it&#8217s typically a tiny thought that I&#8217ll work on from several angles to see if it works, like wood texture or a grungy font. Sometimes I really feel like I&#8217m on the cusp of obtaining it proper other times, I have to walk away from the computer and go paint some thing just to feel productive once more.

New logo options

This procedure is a whole lot like developing a space. You add something, you subtract one thing, and just hold playing with it till it functions. Expecting to get it right immediately is counterproductive, so it&#8217s best just to go with the movement and see the place one particular thought leads into the next.

Admittedly, it&#8217s almost certainly taking me longer this time around because I&#8217m deciding on a new font and plan to strip issues down to a cleaner layout. I have changed my brand a handful of times in the previous, but most of them have been quite a lot figured out ahead of my initial anniversary of creating the UDH:

April 2010

Jan 2011


2011- Jan 2013


The only other time I&#8217ve really tweaked anything at all was when I modified the outline of the duckling, which is what it looks like today, and anything I was articles to keep for a long time (however the layout transformed a amount of instances, the brand stayed the identical):

new duck logo

The Ugly Duckling House blog old layout

This yr, I&#8217ve decided it&#8217s time for anything Significantly cleaner and fresher. But right after six months of not really getting it proper, I believed it may be exciting for you to take a peek behind the curtain and see what the approach is like. It&#8217s fun, but also infuriating.

How I Design a Emblem

Each and every designer operates a little in a different way, but for me, my procedure hardly ever varies.

1. To layout (or redesign) a logo, the first things to do are to determine the search phrases that you consider are in line with the brand. Colours, descriptions, or even other people&#8217s websites or logos that you think have an element that speaks to you all serve as inspiration.

2. For logo redesigns, you must also decide regardless of whether or not you intend to preserve any of the unique components in my case, I&#8217m deciding on to hold the yellow and the duckling outline, but every little thing else is fair game.

3. I then sketch out the all round layout I have in thoughts for the site. This is a tiny premature for most internet designers, but I discover that mapping out the spacial aspects (at least, for the best area of the internet site, in which the logo will go) aids me to recognize the basic area the logo requirements to match in. For illustration, the new layout I want can simply fit a squarish brand, but a genuinely tall a single will seem out of place following to some of the other elements, like social media icons.

4. With an notion of the dimensions planned (but nothing set in stone), I then choose out a handful of fonts that match some of the keywords I thought of in phase one. Google web fonts are license free of charge, so it&#8217s what I use for customers, but I will often also check out out the &#8220free for business use&#8221 fonts over at 1001 Fonts (I really like the organization of the font classes).

1001 Fonts

5. Then, I basically perform with factors. Resize. Move. Include. Subtract. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat&#8230 right up until I truly feel like I&#8217ve received some thing. Which can be endless, as I&#8217m obtaining out!

Other logo options

As you can see, factors go in each course as I brainstorm. I think it will even now be a month or two before I am fed up adequate to just get in touch with it a day and end messing with it, but I truly feel like I&#8217m inching closer to that minute when every little thing clicks once more. It&#8217s hugely subjective, also, which implies that polling for opinions doesn&#8217t necessarily lead to the solution both (which is why I&#8217m not getting you guys vote on anything at all&#8230 I am going to go with my gut on this one!). But there you have it. A quick glimpse of what&#8217s going on behind the website.

Hope you all had a excellent weekend your frequently(ish) scheduled DIY will be back tomorrow!

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