These sculptural helmets by digital art studio Area include Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets (+ film).

Violescence/Forays by FIELD

FIELD’s Quasar venture comprises three wearable sculptures created to be worn by visitors to the studio’s solo exhibition in London, titled Violescence.

Violescence/Forays by FIELD

“We worked really closely with Studio Makecreate who fabricated the helmets,” Area managing director Vera-Maria Glahn told Dezeen.

“They have been incredible partners in obtaining the types and finishes that we were after, and producing the sculptures wearable at the identical time.”

Violescence/Forays by FIELD

To create the headsets, a mould was taken of a head wearing the Oculus Rift device and headphones, which was employed as the base for all three pieces.

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Layers of fibreglass, resin, polypropylene and other synthetic materials had been then constructed up to type the exaggerated shapes.

Violescence/Forays by FIELD

The virtual actuality (VR) headsets are fixed within so the full devices fit snugly over the wearers’ heads.

Violescence/Forays by FIELD Even now from the VR headset knowledge

“Each of the sculptures is the end result of a very elaborate guide process – a strong contrast to the digital resources that we started out the style approach with in the studio,” stated Glahn.

“And nevertheless, the iterative actions of moulding, shaping, layering and carving are really related in 3D tools and simulations as in guide processes.”

Violescence/Forays by FIELD Nevertheless from the VR headset encounter

In each of the sculptures, the VR headsets supply distinct interactive audio-visual experiences that are intended to current journeys and feelings of 3 personas – representing aggression, sensitivity and inquisitiveness.

Violescence/Forays by FIELD Forays-Scan I – Vestibular. Picture courtesy of Sedition

“Viewers dive into a graphical galaxy filled with sound and music, which they manage with their arm gestures and viewing path: a steady approach of creation, modification and destruction of a visual and sound composition,” Glahn mentioned.

Violescence/Forays by FIELD Forays-Scan II – Thermoception. Image courtesy of Sedition

Discipline developed the computer software employed to make the immersive sounds and imagery. Participants dress in a wristband sensor that recognises arm gestures making use of acceleration and gyroscope data.

Violescence/Forays by FIELD Forays-Scan III – Somasexual. picture courtesy of Sedition

The solo exhibition, presented by digital artwork platform Sedition, also includes a series of four animations and 4 digital prints titled Forays.

Violescence/Forays by FIELD Forays-Scan IV – Kinesthesia, Image courtesy of Sedition

“The works represent landscapes, architecture and objects of the future as noticed by the artist, and foreshadow the alter in the perception of actuality by future generations by way of the influence of modern technologies,” said Area.

Violescence is taking location at The Hospital Club in London’s Covent Backyard from 29 to 31 May possibly 2015.



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