Whoohoo! I’m ready for the weekend! How about you? I’m back with some far more details on the island as promised. Very first up, thanks for all the really like right here and on social media – I so appreciate when you get the time to comment. 🙂

Right now I’m also sharing a single of my favored equipment of all time – it is this kind of a random one particular but I use it fairly frequently for random tasks.

I knew when I designed the little planked area subsequent to the quickly-to-be microwave shelf that it would be a best spot for a towel rod:

microwave in island

I have to tell you – I’ve desired to hang a towel from our island for many years. It is this kind of a modest, silly thing but it is one particular of these little information I’d see in images and I fell in love with the concept. It just by no means truly created sense on our previous island – the only spot for it was this finish and with our table and chairs there it was to tight to include anything at all. It was just a undesirable spot for it all round.

This spot is excellent. In the short time we’ve had the bigger island I’ve identified myself wanting to have one particular proper there…so I was in a position to make it happen.

A couple weekends ago my hubby was out of town so the kiddo and I produced a last minute journey to Cincinnati to pay a visit to the museums (for him) and IKEA (for me). Okay, really the two spots have been for each of us…I love museums and the Bub admits he sort of loves IKEA too. )

Anyway, I really did rather very good this time – I kept the purchases to a minimum (we went in with a record and that helps). One particular point I did grab was the Fintorp bar – it’s genuinely for hanging their organizational issues like baskets and stuff. I considered it would be a cute (and economical) towel bar instead.

The dilemma was it was too lengthy – but I knew I could resolve that. Enter the pipe cutter. The coolest instrument EVAH. I figured out the length I required:

cutting metal pipe

And then you clamp the tool on the pipe like so:

pipe cutter tool

Mine tightens at the bottom. You tighten it a bit, spin it about the metal a number of times, tighten a bit a lot more, spin it around…keep going. I had to use a gripper on this bar because it was slipping out of my hands so significantly:

cutting down metal rods

As you can see with every single tighten it bites into the metal even far more. It took about a minute and really a few turns close to the bar but it broke off cleanly:

IKEA fintorp

You have got yourself a flawlessly sized bar soon after that! IKEA Fintorp for towels

You can use it for so a lot of issues – over the many years I’ve utilized it a ton to reduce down my curtain rods (I utilized to minimize down 1 into several smaller sized rods for non-functioning drapes that I did not require to near). It is impossible to uncover shorter curtain rods so it worked fantastic for that. You can use it on something metal that is round – even plastic, pvc, whatever. Adore it!

I had a lot of rough edges to cover right after I planked almost everything and the basic lattice trim that I informed you about here hides all of that stuff. That and caulk. Wondrous items:

planks on island

I didn’t plank the front of the columns or the insides of them simply because I was afraid it would get too hectic with planks all more than the total thing: IMG_1591I like the less complicated search on the columns and – and significantly less perform! Score.

The only location I could locate longer butcher block (at least locally) was Northwest Lumber. I’ll update you soon on the finish they place on there, so far I enjoy it!:

butcher block on island

That is an earlier pic. )

I actually wanted to go wider rather of longer at initial, so the stools would be tucked all the way within. IKEA employed to promote the wider block but they discontinued it. They still had it on the internet although, not confident why. In the end I’m so glad we went longer alternatively of wider!

A number of asked about painting the cabinets and it wasn’t poor at all given that I’ve presently painted them ahead of. I shared how to do that years back here. I utilized a broad angled brush for the initial coat this time, then remembered my minor square brush. It worked SO well to get into the grooves of the cabinets:

painting cabinets

I received it on clearance at Lowe’s months back but I can’t discover it there any longer. I did discover them on Amazon:

square paint brush

I Really like this factor, it brushes the paint on so smoothly. The bristles are super soft, like buttah. They also have a corner 1 that would operate great too.

I think I’ve covered everything? If I haven’t allow me know! I’m so proud of this venture and couldn’t be happier with it:

large gray kitchen island

OH! I was going to give you a rough estimate of cost to extend it – I spent about \$160. I had some scrap wood I utilized but that cost contains most of the wood, trim, planking, baseboards and paint.

Here’s a total recap of posts for this task:

I shared my plans (that I adjusted just somewhat) right here.
The wine rack here.
The end cabinet and far more about the butcher block right here.
Far more about the lights and how I created the columns right here.
And last but not least, details on the stools and how I minimize them down right here.

Right here here here. 🙂 So glad this is done!! Have a fantastic weekend my friends!

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