Dift Transforms Former Ghent Office Space Into WATT Loft Apartment


Belgian creative agency Dift has made the interiors for a loft apartment housed in a former office space in the centre of Ghent .

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

The WATT building is situated on an outdated industrial web site in the city centre and houses a layout gallery, a store, a magazine retailer and a cocktail bar.

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

The prime-floor apartment has 4 bedrooms organized all around a central living region.

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Every single of the bedrooms has been offered a new design theme by the studio, so guests can choose to stay in the green room, the animal area, the college area or the quiet space.

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

An authentic wall-mounted chalkboard hangs in the school bedroom – a legacy from its background as a meeting space – even though the plant space is decked out with greenery that hangs on big metal scaffolding.

Guests staying in the animal space can take pleasure in suspended pastel-coloured artworks by Belgian artist Heidewinne.

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

Dift kept most of the existing historic interiors of the office space, like the unique tile flooring and wooden panelling. Furnishings from regional brands which includes Espoo, Piet Moodshop, Huszwaluw Home, Koperhuis, Labt and Studio Klaer is displayed around the apartment.

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In a comparable venture, Polish design firm Mamastudio turned historic apartments in Warsaw into guest rooms that showcased regional layout talent.

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

Guests to WATT can also peruse the work of Ghent’s designers and artists in the gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the developing.

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

“It may well be cliché, but we want to evoke enjoy for beautiful layout and – of course – the city of Ghent,” the studio informed Dezeen.

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

“We consider this creating is completely lovely and we hope there’ll be a whole lot of travellers and design lovers who’ll agree with us,” they added.

WATT by DIFT and Re-vive

Dift has previously transformed a doomed Belgian college into temporary hotel suites during Biennale Interieur 2014.



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