Designer Frank Kolkman hacks 3D printer parts to construct DIY surgical robot

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Royal University of Art graduate Frank Kolkman has built an open-supply machine that could enable men and women to execute keyhole surgical procedure making use of a Playstation controller (+ movie).

OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman

Kolkman’s OpenSurgery project, which he presented at the RCA’s Design Interactions graduate present, is a surgical robot made from a blend of off-the-shelf parts and custom 3D-printed components.

“OpenSurgery investigates no matter whether DIY surgical resources outdoors regulated healthcare techniques could plausibly provide a a lot more available edition of healthcare,” Kolkman says in the film.

OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman

Kolkman purchased most of the elements to create the machine on the web. He then hacked them, with aid from the 3D-printing local community.

“In essence the very same electronics that drive a domestic 3D printer drive this surgical procedure robot,” he says. “All the other parts are off-the-shelf. By bringing all of these elements collectively you happen to be capable to generate a semi-working surgical treatment machine.”

OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman

Currently, Kolkman has set up his machine to run by means of a randomised series of movements to present off its capabilities. Nonetheless, he says that a video game console controller would be exact adequate for a surgeon to operate it.

“I’m proposing that this machine could in truth be managed by a Playstation three controller,” he says. “Merely since it is offered and has all the correct degrees of freedom to handle this kind of a device.”

OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman

Kolkman has not attempted to perform an operation with the machine and does not intend to do so, but says it is theoretically capable of executing keyhole surgical treatment.

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“It could be employed to do any sort of surgery in the reduce abdomen,” he explains. “Very common [examples of keyhole surgical procedure] are operations on the prostate, or appendectomies, or even hysterectomies.”

OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman

Although admitting the project is controversial, Kolkman believes that this kind of a machine could be beneficial for people who are unable to afford appropriate healthcare.

He was inspired to begin the task after finding a raft of self surgery videos on the web, in which people film themselves executing basic operations for others to imitate.

OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman

“What is occurring now is that individuals turn to YouTube to share DIY tutorials,” he says. “I couldn’t assist but wonder what would happen if you provide this group of men and women – who have no different at this stage – with a lot more capable equipment outside of healthcare regulations.”

OpenSurgery DIY surgical robot by Frank Kolkman

Kolkman’s machine took 5 months to develop from scratch and expense him just \$5,000 (£3,230), which he says compares to \$ten,000 (£6,460) for a single appendectomy in the USA presently. A skilled robot capable of executing keyhole surgical treatment would value at least \$two million (£12,920).

“Even in very first world countries like the US, healthcare is more and more becoming inaccessible to huge numbers of people,” Kolkman says. “The intentions of this machine are not to execute any variety of operation, but far more to provoke alternative techniques of pondering of health care innovation by taking it outdoors the social economic framework it operates in.”

Royal College of Art graduate Frank Kolkman Royal School of Artwork graduate Frank Kolkman

This film was filmed at the Royal University of Art in London. Images and extra video footage is courtesy of Frank Kolkman.

The music used in the movie is a track by United kingdom producer 800xL.

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