Dutch Style Week 2015: Layout Academy Eindhoven graduate Dan Adlešič has created a collection of purposefully ridiculous electronic products that only work in response to unconventional movements.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič Dan Adlešič’s lamp casts soft light which only gets visible in the dark

The 7 objects take inspiration from children’s toys – described by Adlešič as “totems of fiction” – and have been created to be a playful alternative to “standardised electronics”.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič The designer explained that the lamp was inspired by the glowing lights that show on electronics at evening

A number of of the pieces are plugs that need user engagement in purchase to supply electrical power, responding to actions like rolling a foam cube or hunting into an eyeball-shaped sensor.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič The dinosaur lights up when electricity is turned on

“This exploration emerged from my experiences in improvised theatre and currently being deeply interested in electronic objects and their interfaces,” the designer told Dezeen.

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“In this function, I attempt to connect the two, producing theatrical interfaces for everyday objects. Blurring the line between fiction and reality.”

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič Adlešič’s plugs require the consumer to interact with them to function

“Given that functioning with electronics is becoming increasingly available, I uncover myself able to produce fictional moments with actual objects in genuine area, rather than by means of illusions that generate virtual realms,” he added.

An additional plug is triggered when shouted at, or if its plastic spring is jiggled. The standard indication light has been replaced by a dinosaur that illuminates when electrical energy is on.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič A jewellery box “opens” when keys are placed in its hand

Also included is a mirror that only demonstrates a reflection when activated by dancing in front of it, even though a lamp casts soft light that only gets to be visible at the dark – apparently inspired by lights on electronics.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič When metal keys are placed in the toy hand the secure uncrumples, and makes it possible for items to be accessed

“Electronic gadgets strongly narrate our behaviour and their interfaces frequently provide really narrow scenarios of use,” Adlešič mentioned.

The movements of Adlešič’s jewellery box are demonstrated in this film

“I feel electrical power could be utilised in a much wider and poetic manner. There may be a limitation to technology, but there are no limits to how it can be applied.”

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Adlešič’s jewellery box is composed of soft foam that has been crumpled shut. When metal keys are placed in the toy hand at the base of a rod, the safe descends, uncrumples, and makes it possible for items to be accessed.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič Adlešič’s foam cube plug is triggered when it is rolled

“I use improvisational methods from theatre in my layout procedure,” the designer said. “I play with a library of certain objects I’ve identified and collected, and resources I have made in buy to layout.

“For me, play is a device for experimentation that leads to invention,” he additional.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič Rendering exhibiting a standard energy lamp that been replaced with a light-up dinosaur

The merchandise were shown at the Layout Academy Eindhoven as portion of Dutch Design Week 2015, which took spot from 17 to 25 October 2015.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič Dan Adlešič’s mirror reflects in response to motion

Other graduate tasks on show integrated Jason Page’s substitute golf fits, Bastiaan de Nennie’s virtual hybrid objects, and Vera de Pont’s Pop Up assortment of cut-out clothes.

Absurd electronics by Dan Adlešič A detail of Adlešič’s movement-reactive mirror

Electrical engineering is by Sami Sabik, and photography is by Klemen Ilovar.

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