This timber-clad painting studio by Spanish studio Arquitecturia frames the trunk of an ash tree in the backyard of an artist’s house in Catalonia .

Artists Studio by Arquitecturia

Josep Camps and Olga Felip of Arquitecturia created the small single-storey Artist’s Studio for an painter primarily based in Girona, north-east Spain.

With a limitation on scale dictated by the dimension of the garden and a budget of €34,000 (£27,000), Camps and Felip set about creating a room all around the dimensions of the artist’s selected canvas dimension.

Artists Studio by Arquitecturia

The resulting 80-square-metre volume – which attributes a cross-shaped program and a central double-height space – is clad in batons of pine wood sourced from a nearby forest.

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The timber structure was prefabricated and assembled on website in just 3 weeks by local carpenters to minimise disturbances to the family’s daily life.

The building sits beside a sloping driveway, but a wedge-shaped concrete podium supplies it with a degree floor.

Artists Studio by Arquitecturia

The four shallow arms of the cross-shaped plan give the artist with spaces to shop, hang and wash gear, while paintings can be produced in the centre of the program where every thing is “helpful and available”.

Two massive windows direct views into the corners of the backyard and away from the home, whilst a third faces out to a paved driveway.

Artists Studio by Arquitecturia

“The artist wished to work near to his property without having in fact seeing it,” Camps and Felip told Dezeen.

“The volumes extruding from the centre space direct themselves to the outer corners of the gardens and give the impression of greatest depth achievable on this web site.”

Artists Studio by Arquitecturia

“Externally everything has a pinewood finish in a warm tone that weathers properly and integrates itself in the surfaces of the backyard,” they added.

Pot plants are positioned on grey gravel under the windows in nooks produced by the cross-shaped strategy. These are intended to additional integrate the constructing into the mature garden.

Artists Studio by Arquitecturia

The interior is lined in white painted MDF boards with grooved surfaces. The high walls that surround the centre of the space are utilized as a hanging area for paintings, while operates in progress can be leant towards the reduce degree walls.

A skylight in the centre of the roof brings sunlight into the room from above.

Artists Studio by Arquitecturia

“The double-height area offers breathing room for the artist and canvas, and provides a generous impression of pleasant doing work, large format paintings and light coming from height,” explained the architects.

Photography is by José Hevia.

Venture credits:

Architects: Josep Camps &amp Olga Felip
Collaborators: Mariella Agudo, Núria Vila, Adrià Masó, Alba Colomer
Technical architect: Joaquim By way of
Structural layout: GMK Grup

Artists Studio by ArquitecturiaFloor prepare Artists Studio by ArquitecturiaArea Dezeen


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