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Let&#8217s chat about our laundry room/back porch/front porch&#8211because this is the place 99% of men and women enter into our home and it also has a bathroom just to make it even far more weird!

I wrote about painting the floors in this publish. But I desired to answer a few far more questions and share our imagined procedure on how and why we produced particular choices.

My favourite components of this space

    • increased ceilings
    • large doggie door
    • dutch door (it really looks like it was just a normal door that someone cut in half)

You should also know this room is a crazy addition. There was a closet in the home for the laundry space before but then this addition was extra. Now this added on porch/area blocks half the view from the bay window in the kitchen&#8211lots of sad trombones for that choice&#8230

laundry roomlight &amp plants: Lowe&#8217s // wood stand: Anthropologie // doughbowl // spotted artwork: DIY // silhouette: hope*ologie

On the optimistic side, it provides an added bathroom on the very first floor (otherwise guests would have to use the one particular in our bedroom). On the unfavorable side, the basis for this porch wasn&#8217t built appropriately, so it&#8217s gradually falling off the residence. The floor is noticeably sloping so we have a big undertaking of having to jack up this porch and rebuild the foundation. Therefore, us not wanting to spend income on new floors correct now.

back porch/laundry makeover

back porch before

laundry before and after painted wood walls

Right here are the two images from above positioned side by side so you can see the variation that paint can make. Paint, and shopping the residence for stuff I had &#8211switching out a ceiling fan for a \$35 thrifted lantern (I utilized it in our bedroom in the last house &#8212 #ShoppingTheHouse is always a good notion).

laundry room


Why didn&#8217t we just leave the wood?

The smaller purpose was that I genuinely, really enjoy white walls. White feels fresh and clean specifically when you are moving to a fixer upper exactly where each space demands consideration&#8211 a space total of orange wood can truly feel like it&#8217s closing in on you. I LOVED the idea of this room in white and that was a easy answer to freshen up the truly feel of a space.

The truth is, I Love wood, And truly, we DID leave the wood&#8211we just took it off the walls and put it on a floor. When we renovated our kitchen it was the only space on the first floor with out wood floors. Everywhere else in the downstairs we have 12 inch broad pine floors that have been milled right here on the old sawmill on the home.

wood room

The very same floors were also utilised on the walls and ceiling of this, the back porch. We select to cannibalize some of the laundry space walls and use them for the floor in the kitchen and then we place beadboard on the walls (painting it all white so it didn&#8217t present anyway) and have our floors in the home seem cohesive. See the kitchen floor progress here.


This total wall (along with parts of other walls) grew to become flooring in our kitchen. Thank you walls!


Then the wall looked like this.


And, here&#8217s the other side of that same wall. We even now have lots of  wood in our residence&#8211there&#8217s a small small bathroom on the back porch with cedar walls, so we have our raw wood repair and it smells genuinely wonderful. And of program our floors are wood in the property.

I really like wood, I just don&#8217t want it to truly feel depressing and dark, I want to use it in methods I enjoy it&#8211just simply because something is wood doesn&#8217t trump the truth that I want our house to be a specific fashion and look a certain way. It&#8217s okay to paint wood.


cardboard walls

Right after we peeled the pine panels off the walls of the laundry space so we could use them on the kitchen floor, this was our temporary solution so people could use the back bathroom with no us all seeing them by means of the cracks of the cedar planks. Short-term turned into 6 months with cardboard and plywood walls held up with bungee cords, then I Totally Misplaced IT AND YELLED AT Everybody NELLIE OLESON Style. Then I got some new walls.


Speaking of the kitchen&#8230.

kitchen before

Right here&#8217s the kitchen and tiny Dutch door that enters the back porch/laundry area &#8211notice the lack of wood floors and additional wall?

kitchen before

If you backed up even even more you had to phase by means of one more door way into the dining region. See how you can still see that Dutch door back via there&#8211the canine is standing in front of it? That blue tape on the floor is where my island is now. It runs the complete width of the previous kitchen&#8211ten feet lengthy.

kitchen walls down

We knocked out both of individuals walls, reorganized the kitchen layout and place the laundry area walls down to match the floor&#8211we lived here for 3 months whilst we were doing all of this&#8211three months with three teenage boys with no a kitchen sink&#8230


Here&#8217s the very same see right now, only without having the walls. I should have removed the rugs so you can see the floors. They are rugged and imperfect but they are WOOD and are hanging out with all their wood buddies on the floors of all the other rooms!


So, back to the laundry room, the greatest part was that it took largely elbow grease.

Seriously, Chad and I both have appointments to get our elbows re-greased.


Residing in a home that appears like this takes its toll. Even on the most possible&#8211seeing particular person in the world.

into the laundry room

This slow progress, with some everlasting and some short-term fixes is  just yet another part of the larger story. It&#8217s not perfect. But I&#8217m intentionally sharing it anyway.

I can&#8217t help but believe that sharing the mess is usually really worth it, due to the fact it will constantly encourage the right individuals.

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