Hussein Chalayan's melting clothes for Spring Summer 2016

Designer Hussein Chalayan’s Paris Fashion Week present featured a catwalk shower that dissolved a pair of soluble outfits, revealing delicate garments underneath.

The presentation of melting clothes was portion of the Chalayan Spring Summer 2016 display, which took location in the Salle Melpomène at Paris’ Palais des Beaux-Arts earlier nowadays.

Two designs sporting white thigh-length jackets stood on tiny podiums inside a massive tray-like area in the centre of the catwalk.

A lower portion of ceiling was punctured by holes positioned over the versions.

As water poured down via the gaps, the garments began to disintegrate and fall away as if created from tissue.

The dresses unveiled underneath had been patterned with lines of thick black stitching and appliqué white petal shapes, each of which had clear jewels connected below.

Chalayan is renowned for his experimental vogue patterns. His earlier collections have incorporated two-in-one particular dresses that transform with a single tug and garments that emit laser beams.

The rest of the collection comprised black-and-white designs, floral patterns, and red and camel-coloured outfits produced from lightweight materials.

Shoes with cylindrical wooden blocks for heels and leather uppers had been tied to ankles using lengths of rope. A number of mens looks also featured in Chalayan’s predominantly womenswear assortment.

The Cyprus-born British designer celebrated his 21st year in business this year, and opened his initial retailer in London’s Mayfair to coincide with the anniversary.



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