London Layout Festival 2015: Tel Aviv designer Nir Meiri took cues from the shapes of birds when producing this floor lamp with two lights supported by metal rods.

Composed of powder-coated-iron and plastic, the Black Swan light attributes two circular lamps held on branches connected to a slender stem, which is fixed to a sound base.

Black Swan Lamp by Nir Meiri

Each of the lamps can be moved up and down the central stalk of the light. Both are held at a fixed angle, meant to reference the “elegance of lengthy-necked birds”.

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“Long ahead of I turn into a designer I utilized to observe animals and learn their behaviour, Meiri told Dezeen. “In many of my patterns I am inspired by creatures from the animal kingdom.”

Black Swan Lamp by Nir Meiri

“This time I decide on to attempt and imitate the beauty of a swan tilting his neck or an heron spreading her neck toward in order to catch her next meal. The primary challenge in designing this lamp was to be ready capture this gesture.”

“There is something fascinating in animals’ movement, something about strength, elegance and honesty, and I usually wanted be in a position to translate it in my creation,” he extra.

Black Swan Lamp by Nir Meiri

Other lighting developed by Meiri contains a double-headed two Moons lamp, that mimics celestial bodies, a light with a shade produced from fresh seaweed draped above thin metal spokes, and a set of table lamps with metal shades hanging from slender stalks.

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The designer also used layers of bamboo, chipboard and Corian to create a assortment of layered vases.

Black Swan Lamp by Nir Meiri

The Black Swan lamp launched at Mint Gallery as part of London Layout Festival 2015, which ran from September 19 to 27. 

Other lighting launched during the festival included Joel Hoff’s rotate-to-dim table lamp for Wrong for Hay, and Italian designer Luca Nichetto’s modular Alphabeta pendant for Hem.



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