Stars cannot be absent in Christmas decoration. For that reason, José Luis de SeComoHacer offers you not just ideas to decorate the Christmas tree with stars, but also ingenious suggestions to make cuts and create more stars.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With Stars1

With the stars we have done many decorative things can be.The materials are simple and easy to obtain, cardboard, glue and glitter powder of different colors.We have already seen how to make stars, we will now perform example decorated with them. We need two sizes so that one enters the other.Although you can use cello, we offer you to be more visible in the images masking tape. We put horizontal strips, leaving strips of cardboard cover, equal spaces. Serve this as a model, but the imagination will give you new ways to put the glitter.We apply glue in spaces without cover.We espolvoremos glitter, best a contrasting color.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With Stars

As we already have two decorated stars, the give back and back look a thread uniting them with cello and that will also serve to hang.This is the effect that we have. (Click on the link to go to the image that shows it)


We see now that we can do with the center of the large star cutout…First a little trick. To fold the cardboard easily and without that is wrinkled, with a ruler and scissors reverse, we review the lines to bend and so it will be much easier.Here we have reviewed all the vertices with the scissors, alternately by bending the tips of the star, it becomes highlighted. Apply glue, apply the glitter and…… we have a beautiful blue star in relief. If we make 2 equal, we put together them with a bit of cello, we have a thick and completely in relief.








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