California-based designer Jim Lenahan – ideal acknowledged for his concert sets for musicians like Tom Petty and Korn – has made a chair for Pope Francis’ go to to New York these days.

The Pope is in New York today as part of a three-city tour of the United States taking spot this week.

Francis will sit on the large plywood throne, which features a curved back, mahogany trim, and white-cushioned seat and back, to provide a mass at Madison Square Garden in the course of his check out to the city.

The chair was created by LA’s Jim Lenahan Production Style, a organization that has lengthy worked on sets for Tom Petty.

Francis landed in Washington DC on September 22, and became the first Pope to deal with a joint session of Congress on September 24. Following his time in New York, the Pope will travel to Philadelphia for a lot more public occasions and ministry.

Francis, an Argentinian who practices in the Jesuit tradition, advocates for the bad. He has cast off many of the luxurious trappings of his predecessors.

The plywood throne reflects the Pope’s “emphasis on simplicity and humility,” Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, explained throughout its unveiling.

“A chair is really essential in the Catholic imagination, a chair represents unity, and a chair represents educating authority,” Cardinal Dolan stated. “The man who occupies the chair of St Peter is our holy father the Pope, the bishop of Rome. So wherever he goes you want to have an important chair.”

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“He desired some thing extremely straightforward. He wanted some thing wooden. He didn’t want any patterns,” Dolan mentioned. “We’re extremely grateful to the workers and proud of what it represents.”

Not everyone sees the throne as an ode to values of thrift and charity. Writing on the technological innovation and design and style website Gizmodo, author Alyssa Walker known as the throne “heinous”, described it as a “layout blasphemy” and mentioned “New York ought to be ashamed.”

Lenahan made the throne with Madison Square Garden’s arena in thoughts, which includes the stage lighting for a previously planned Billy Joel concert. “He was supposed to be in there that night but he moved his show so the Pope could have the room, and he is letting the Pope use his lights,” Lenahan told Quartz.

Lenahan created the lighting, scenery, and projections for all Tom Petty’s concerts from 1974 through to 2012. His firm has also worked with artists which includes Bob Dylan, Thirdeye Blind, Barenaked Women, and Korn.



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