Well, guys…We’ve got some news. But not the kind of news that you’ll particularly see me jumping for joy over. You see, we listed our house For Sale By Owner back in the beginning of the year, yet despite Zillow and Craigslist listings, a custom designed sign in the yard and a slew of pretty postcards mailed off to nearby neighborhoods and college campuses, we have naught to show for it. We’ve had two walk throughs and both were duds.

After all is said and done, and now with eight months of FSBO experience under our belts, this just isn’t working. Neither of us has the time to focus on marketing this place on our own, but we also don’t want to split our budget between a realtor’s fees and our dreams for House #2. At least not right now.

So we’ve decided to refocus our energies back into this little townhome of ours so that we can save, save, save for a realtor later on down the road. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve shared very few whole room updates on the blog because I haven’t felt like expending my creative energies on projects here when we just plan to move. And although I still don’t plan to do any heavy renovation, I CAN promise a few upgrades here and there (say goodbye to the carpet upstairs!) all in the name of a distant future resale.

Although I imagine the sign will stay out front and our Zillow listing will remain live so that we don’t risk losing a serendipitous offer, we will be learning to live in our current house again and hope you’ll stick around to see what we have up our sleeves. Thanks, as always, for following along and I hope we move past this limbo very, very soon!

Photo: Mallory Benedict

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