Good Friday to you all! Hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead. I’m sharing a spot right now that you may possibly want to add to your ideas if you are near Indianapolis – if not this weekend then some time in the future. 🙂

Some buddies and I did what I get in touch with a “lady date” the other day and headed out to 1 of my favored spots in Indy, Broad Ripple. I had heard of the Cake Bake Store but hadn’t been yet, and it was a Treat. I just had to share it with you all. If you can not pay a visit to at least you can admire the style.

Obviously, I’m generally in yoga paints, covered with paint, hair in a pony tail – so placing on real pants and acting like a lady was a good deal with. (Though significantly, I’d dress in yoga pants everywhere if I could.)

You just feel so girly when you walk in:

cake bake shop indy

Though there have been lots of males stopping in for treats as well. ) You’ll see why in a minute.

Seriously…marble everywhere. Stunning fixtures, white plates, shimmering glass – it was so beautiful!:

cake shop in Indy

THIS is why I feel white is traditional in a kitchen. It by no means ages — this seems like it could be a French bistro 100 many years in the past but nevertheless feels completely proper for now. Loved it:

Cake Bake Shop Indianapolis

The paint all in fact had a slight pink tone to it, but you get my gist. )

There had been so a lot of pretty information everywhere we looked. We were oohing and ahhing like little crazy:

Cake Bake Shop Broad Ripple

There is a back area that was just as quite:

farmhouse table with benches

We sat up front at small round marble pedestal tables near this adorable window display:

Now…the very best component. The desserts…

large cake domes

There have been pies, cakes, cobbler, bars, cookies…everything you could consider of.

We experimented with their house Moscato and it was SO excellent, and I enjoy tiny details like the little ice. That ice is my favorite:

Cake Bake Shop Indy

Those have been the coolest wine glasses I’ve ever noticed – the stem was insanely tall and skinny. I’d break one in two seconds flat at my home but they have been so pretty.

We all had cake – I had the carrot cake and it is almost as great as my Dad’s recipe – which is saying a lot. It was SO great. We tried some macarons and the sizzling sipping chocolate was crazy good:

sipping chocolate

You will observe the sparkles – yes. Edible sparkles on every thing. You can’t help but come to feel girly and giddy in this location.

There is a window in which we watched them prepare the desserts for effortlessly five minutes. We were in a trance:

It was this kind of a lovely time and I can not wait to go back. If you live in Indy I highly recommend checking it out. Even if you don’t live nearby, I would place it on your listing for your up coming journey. (Trigger I’ve currently informed you how wonderful Indianapolis is right here and right here.)

Even the boxes they give you to get treats property to the loved ones are gorgeous:

My husband loved the sparkles. )

Have any of you locals been to the this shop however? Now that the weather is warming up you require to verify it out!

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