Lounge Residing Venture is a model apartment made by Bartoli Style for Laurameroni, recognized in the brand showroom found in Milan central through Durini. Design and artwork are the major themes designed in the undertaking, which also demonstrates the possibility to customize the furnishings pieces by Bartoli Design for any interior area.




The apartment was conceived as an interpretation of the common urban flat: the one particular-hundred square meter floor plan was renovated for this objective using furniture components only and keeping away from structural and masonry functions. The concept was to develop both a representative and cozy interior, dividing the room by screens and passages into three places: entrance, kitchen and residing with dining, with the “Decor” wooden panels by Bartoli Style providing a warm feeling to the whole apartment and a rouge throughout the house. Doors, wall and ceiling panels have hence been designed as aspects of distinction and interior furnishing, to enrich the spaces in which they are utilised. The combination of colors generates a distinctive palette, providing persona to the home.




The factors realize a comfy and sophisticated atmosphere, where distinct furniture pieces are combined with naturalness the “Decor” carved wood panels, the hand-brushed lacquered panels in a warm dark grey tent and the wrinkled fabrics upholstering the large “Drapè” ottomans, all by Bartoli Design, are worked out in the most accurate way: the treasured work of craftsmen offers existence to the layout of the architect. The entrance exhibits a teak sideboard by Bartoli Style, a piece of large design and craftsmanship, combined with the colorful wool carpet and the upholstered pouf with a velvet cover, to give the location its sense of place.







Artworks by painters Eleonora Pozzi and Mauro Calvi were selected by the architect for this area and the living whilst pictures by Matteo Maggioni and Gianmarco Meroni are displayed in the intimate passage, opposite to the “Le Formiche Nere” cupboard by artist Emilio Isgrò. (photos 02-03) The living room storage wall is also outfitted with a fireplace niche on 1 side and a show niche on the other. The two of them function Carrara white marble to develop highlights in the wall. A reduced table made by Sottsass completes the sofa area and two totem-like “Cirque” containers in walnut by Bartoli Layout, are placed as sculptural aspects between living and dining, remarking the significance of artwork and design and style in this interior task.


Every thing is created and created to measure, even the kitchen, in which the same wall panels utilised in the living room give this spot a new ambiance. Launched by the “Mandala” wall unit on the left side, the kitchen is classy and functional, equipped with a operating isle with carved doors and cream marble prime, a wooden countervailing hiding each technical spots and ventilation, wall hanging containers and metal shelves utilised as the visual backdrop when hunting at the kitchen from the residing. Below the bookshelves is a console (for informal dining and reading through) from the “Stars” assortment, finished with black steel metal sheets as the shelves. The wall and pendant lighting elements in copper and black steel, from the Laurameroni collection, have also been personalized by Bartoli Design and style for this undertaking.  Photos by Vincenzo Caccia Styling by Francesca Sassi



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