News: Zaha Hadid has developed a developing shaped like a field of sand dunes to residence the headquarters of Middle Eastern environmental organization Bee’ah.

Bee'ah HQ by Zaha Hadid

The 7,000-square-metre developing will be constructed in Sharjah, a city in the north of the United Arab Emirates, and will residence the administrative and public activities of the firm, which specialises in waste management.

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Totally powered by renewable energy sources, the proposed creating has been developed by Zaha Hadid Architects to resemble “a series of intersecting dunes” orientated to follow the direction of the prevailing Shamal winds.

Bee'ah HQ by Zaha Hadid

The two largest dune types will residence the management offices, visitor facilities and administration department. Where the forms overlap, a protected courtyard will provide a breakout space for staff.

According to Bee’ah, this “oasis” will supply the building’s interiors with “higher good quality daylight and views” while limiting the quantity of glazing exposed to the harsh sun.

Bee'ah HQ by Zaha Hadid

The curving exterior walls will be clad in supplies selected for their ability to reflect the sun’s rays.

Parts of this skin and the building’s structure will have regular orthogonal dimensions, enabling them to be constructed from reclaimed materials sourced from regional construction and demolition waste.

Bee'ah HQ by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid Architects will collaborate with engineer Buro Happold and environmental consultant Atelier Ten to ensure the project minimises material wastage and energy consumption.

A ventilation energy recovery program will decrease the need for mechanical cooling systems, while photovoltaic cells will be integrated in the surrounding landscape to offer the constructing with solar power.

Bee'ah HQ by Zaha Hadid

Once comprehensive, the creating will facilitate the company’s education programme, operating with schools to teach youngsters about their part in the atmosphere.

Bee'ah HQ by Zaha Hadid

It will operate alongside Bee’ah’s waste management centre, which includes a material recovery facility, a building waste recycling centre, a compost plant and a tyre recycling facility.



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