New York 2015: Brooklyn studio Workstead has produced a range of light fixtures with brass disc-shaped reflectors.

Workstead introduced the Orbit series, which contains many table lamp, sconce and pendant types, at this year’s International Modern Furnishings Fair (ICFF), in the course of NYCxDesign earlier this month.

Workstead lighting Orbit series

Like many of the studio’s types, the Orbit series takes influences from the past – in this case 18th and 19th century candle holders.

Workstead lighting Orbit Helios

A round reflector can be rotated close to the single light supply, enabling for direct or bounced indirect light. The tabletop model is available with marble, travertine, and Maine green stone bases.

Workstead lighting Orbit Sconce

“With Orbit, we desired to perform with the far more mysterious attributes of light and reflection,” mentioned Workstead principal Robert Highsmith, noting how the little fixture can generate a wide assortment of effects.

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The Orbit series joins other products in Workstead’s assortment this kind of as the Industrial Chandelier, which has a 3 arms, expressed joints, and exposed fabric cord. The studio has also developed a series of lamps formed from metal rods bolted together.

Workstead lighting Orbit Pendant One particular

“We hunting for a timeless high quality, which is why our lighting performs in both contemporary and far more classic settings,” Highsmith stated. “We’re looking for the attractiveness in utility.”

Workstead lighting Orbit Pendant Two

Lighting has turn out to be a well-liked selection of product for designers in New York. A lot of of the city’s studios design, assemble, and sell lighting immediately to architects and designers as properly as customers.

Workstead lighting Brass Pendant

Workstead, which started as an interiors firm, first started developing lighting for their personal tasks and then swiftly made the decision to place them into manufacturing. The practice is now evenly split amongst interiors and item style.

Workstead lighting Industrial Chandelier

Since the designers handle the manufacturing process, the fixtures can be very easily customised with distinct dimensions and finishes.



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