Would you make your bathroom appealing and cozy? We have a cool notion for you! What do you say about a wooden bathtub? The bathtubs made of wood they are not extremely impressive ode steel, but are as typical as those from acyl and create a cosy atmosphere! In addition to the really feel-great issue, there are other essential benefits and optimal thermal insulation, which slows a cooling of the bath water, the natural anti-static effect of wood, which repels dirt particles, and the antibacterial properties of the wood.

bath design bathroom dark wood idea wood

The wooden bathtubs have a special appearance and appear comfortable. The execution can among rustic, traditional or super modern day and luxurious differ, the option depends on your personal style and the design and style of the entire bathroom. Be inspired by our photo collection!

Bath wood new models

Bathroom with wooden bathtub

Bathrooms Bathtubs wood

Bathtubs wood modern bathroom

Cedar wood bathtub Interior

chic wooden bathtub

comfortable wooden bathtub

cozy wooden bathtub

Designer bath tub wood

elegant stylish wooden bathtub

modern bathroom with bath timber

modern wooden bathtubs

round wooden bathtub

square wooden Badewanne.jpeg

square wooden bathtub

super beautiful wooden bathtub ideas

super beautiful wooden bathtub

super modern wooden bathtub

Ultra Modern Bathtubs wood

ultra modern wooden bathtubs

wood bathtub design ideas

Wooden bath luxurious design

Wooden bathtub ideas

wooden bathtub in the bathroom

wooden bathtub interior design

wooden bathtub oval shape

Wooden bathtub walnut design

Wooden bathtub with a cool design

wooden bathtubs all wood baths by alegna

Wooden bathtubs modern bathroom design

Wooden bathtubs modern design

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