The debut collection from sportswear brand Vollebak attributes a hoodie that relaxes the wearer and a jacket that can assist athletes survive rough terrain and steep falls (+ slideshow).

Sportswear by Vollebak

The Baker Miller Pink hoodie zips up fully to cover the face, and has a mesh visor that allows the wearer to see out.

Sportswear by Vollebak

The garment is named after a shade of pink researched in the 1970s for its supposedly soothing result on the central nervous program, causing it to be utilised in prison cells in an attempt to reduce violent behaviour.

Sportswear by Vollebak

By enveloping wearers in the colour, Vollebak claims pulse rate is reduced and breathing is slowed. Oxygen consumption is further conserved by pockets positioned in the middle of the torso, which allow arms to be rested to lessen movement.

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An inbuilt soundtrack, constructed from elements of pink noise, has been made to even more slow the heart fee and unwind the wearer.

Sportswear by Vollebak

The Condition Black jacket – named for the military term for the bodily and mental state during existence and death circumstances – is created for more extreme sports and exercise, and has a tough ceramic outer skin.

Sportswear by Vollebak

In accordance to the business, the garment can survive falls of up to 120 kilometres per hour across any surface, and has been created to assist athletes survive in mountain problems.

A visor attached to the Condition Black jacket allows the wearer to immerse themselves in a education programme that uses light and sound to send brainwaves into a equivalent state to that produced during near-death experiences.

Sportswear by Vollebak

Each and every of the jackets characteristics 19 articulated panels, laser minimize by a robotic arm in the Petratex clothes factory in Portugal –  the same area that invented the technology for Michel Phelps’ stitch-significantly less LZR swimsuit for the Beijing Olympics.

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Vollebak was established in 2014 by brothers and designers Steve and Nick Tidball.

Sportswear by Vollebak

“As athletes and designers we have targeted on launch ideas that increase the extraordinary engineering that currently exists within the human thoughts and entire body.” said Nick Tidball.

“We deal with athletes like NASA treats its astronauts. Our task is to help them push their physical and cognitive limits in new and unimagined methods.”

A a lot more excessive apocalypse survival jacket was developed by Style Academy Eindhoven graduate Marie-Elsa Batteux Flahault, which integrated eye protection and a developed-in flotation device.

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Jacket to help prepare for&ltbr /&gt the end of the world

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