I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating…

When I say the word vignette (vin-yet) I feel all fancy and French-like.

When I try to make a vignette I feel all 12-years-old and dumb.


I remember an episode of the Oprah Show where Nate Berkus featured a home that was beautifully decorated, yet approachable.  Right when the cameras went through the front door Nate stopped them and pointed out that the homeowner “created a moment” that could be seen and used immediately when anyone walked into her home.

She put thought into what items greeted people as they came in–a mirror, a tray, some family photos, a seat to remove your shoes…

Purposely creating moments.

It’s not about showing off meaningless stuff.


We create little moments. Small pauses. Little reminders of family, good times, vacations, faith, the simplicity of a few well placed, beautiful and useful items. Our mementoes from life can be put together in a way to inspire beauty and to tell a quick little story–not the entire story, but just a little part… a vignette.


Let’s create some moments in our homes, using what we have, what we love and answer the call some of our surfaces and corners are asking:

Vignette me?!

Every surface, corner and wall is an opportunity, not an obligation.


During this month-long series, I’ll honor your time and mine and do my best to use one inspiring photo and as few words as necessary in hopes that you get up from your computer, take five minutes out of your day and create a beautiful and meaningful vignette in your space.

blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places

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31 days!

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