Photographer and musician Steve Areen recently finished his dome property on a gifted piece of land on his friend’s mango field. In accordance to Steve: ” On an organic mango farm, far into the countryside of northeastern Thailand, I have built my tiny dome house. I also have a YouTube video tour right here.”

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Steve Areen is not a typical builder and this dome property is incredible! Taking cues from his brother-in-law’s brother, he used a pivoting arm strategy to create a perfect sphere and then built his tiny Dome House employing locally-produced concrete bricks. Circular wooden blockouts are used to frame the cantilevering windows just before the 1st layer of plaster is utilized which properly seals the interior. A final, vibrant layer of plaster is applied to the interior and exterior, providing the house it’s bright luster in the tropical forest. 6 weeks and 9,000 dollars later on, Steve had his extremely personal self-constructed property. Steve's bamboo waterfall faucet!Steve’s bamboo waterfall faucet!

Reality be informed, rules are a small lax in Thailand, so Steve wasn’t necessary to receive building permits for his 500 square foot residence, which naturally shortened the procedure.  The construction itself landed close to six,000 bucks with the finishes coming in at underneath three,000, but Steve also notes that the price is exclusive to the nation. The terracotta paint meshes beautifully with the lush tropical fauna, whilst little ponds add even greater serenity to the site and design.

Hajjar Gibran, the friend that assisted Steve create his dream residence, has a dome building firm. If you’d like to understand more info on the procedure, verify out his website and indicator up for a workshop. Hajjar, who has now designed a technique for generating compressed earth blocks, hopes to begin a new campaign to carry on developing far more productive residences of related variations.

  Looking down from the main dome's skylightHunting down from the primary dome’s skylight Steve's jungle bathroom!! The round stone work in the center is my shower.Steve’s jungle bathroom!! The round stone operate in the center is my shower. After Tao spiraled the grass roof up, I anchored a water proof basket over the hole that was left.Soon after Tao spiraled the grass roof up, I anchored a water proof basket over the hole that was left.

steve areen dome designrulz (6) Home Sweet Dome Home! ~@~ (You may click on images to hide captions and navagation buttons)Property Sweet Dome Home!

steve areen dome designrulz (8) The grass roof came out really well!The grass roof came out truly nicely!

  I used baskets for my lights with coconut shell bases. Each basket projects a unique light pattern.He utilised baskets for my lights with coconut shell bases. Every single basket tasks a unique light pattern. My latest addition is a Sala (gazebo) on top of my bedroom dome with stairs leading up.The latest addition is a Sala (gazebo) on top of my bedroom dome with stairs top up. Looking down onto my bathroom dome.Hunting down onto the bathroom dome. So here are the folks responsible for me building a house in Thailand! My sister Leslie maried Carl Haggar. I then became good friends with Carl's brother Hajjar who with his wife Lumyai invited me to build on their mango farm. Carl gave me my first experience home building when I was 15 years old and Hajjar was my guidance in building my Thailand dome home. Love ya Brothers! Love ya Sister!All done! ...Yeah, right! HaHa!

Heres my transport while staying on the farm.

Goodnight dome home

Goodnight dome property Sure is getting lush around my dome home.Positive is acquiring lush close to my dome house. Bamboo is growing well and will soon give me nice shade.Sunrise over the mango farm.

Sunrise more than the mango farm. I love my round window seats!We really like the round window seats!




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