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Men and women know travertine tiles given that Roman occasions and similar this kind of as the marble it is a timelessly stylish flooring, convincingly with organic-hunting and large high quality optics. In the interior places, travertine is generally polished or ground, and moved when employed outside in unpolished type. In a dream property on the Pacific Ocean coast is covered the whole floor region tiles of about 297 square metres with polished travertine.

travertine tile garden drought-loving plants modern architecture house flat roof

In the Property are 3 primary materials utilised to denote – travertine, limestone and glass. The total floor covering consists of travertine tile and can be observed on the walls in some rooms, this kind of as bathroom and hallway. The decorative limestone comes from Jerusalem and adorns the facade and interiors. Frameless, large Windows let plenty of light in every spot and offer lovely views over the Pacific Ocean and Golden Bridge. The applied components are in contrast to the contemporary architecture and character of the constructing.

travertine tile infinity pool lighting limestone vandverkleidung Outlook night spots

The bedrooms are on the upper floor and in the bottom-residing room with a modern day open-strategy kitchen. Travertine tiles combine seamless indoor and outside, and end up with a gorgeous infinity pool with clear water. In the garden, plants, this kind of as outdated olive trees and big organic Agave grow drought. The north side of the Home is completely closed and following to the front door is a garage with parking room.

travertine tile bathroom cremeweiss double vanity shower glass wall bath

travertine tile house modern arhcitektur glass fronts dining chairs decorative fireplace view

travertine tile living area glass doors open view table

travertine tile living room couch chair glass fronts outlook bridge coast

travertine tile modern open kitchen wood white plate cooking island

travertine tile open kitchen kuechentheke stool island wooden fronts fridge stainless steel

travertine tile outddo staircase Glass front stairs agave

travertine tile outdoor garage garden concrete tiles limestone agave

travertine tile outdoor infinity pool are glass fronts beautiful weather Modern architecture

travertine tile outdoor infinity pool view coast

travertine tile pool evening lighting House View garden glass fronts

travertine tile wanfarbe white spots stairs vase flower

Travertine Tiles Lounge glass fronts views fireplace decorative

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