Back in the beginning of August, I had the pleasure of flying into Iowa to take a tour of the Meredith Corp. offices and meet with a few Better Homes and Gardens and Refresh magazine editors. I had so much fun wondering the halls of the impressive multi-level building, complete with in-progress photo studios and the most incredible “prop closet” I’ve ever laid eyes on (chairs and lamps and tables for days).


The actual city of Des Moines completely stole my heart, too. One of my hosts for the day took me around town to a couple of her favorite local shops, one being a pint-sized eclectic store called Domestica. The shop actually was closed when we stopped by that morning, but I made a point to go back the next day after my meetings, with John at my side. Although I had to resist the urge to buy everything in sight thanks to my teeny tiny carry on luggage, I did pick up a cool neon second hand ash tray for just a couple of bucks.


Now, anyone who knows me is well aware that I’ve never so much as considered lifting a cigarette, but I knew that retro shaped dish could be used for more than just nasty butts. Instead, I took it as the perfect opportunity to get my buttons in good organized order. I dumped my collection out on the floor of my studio, emptied the paper and plastic baggies of their colorful contents and then sorted the lone buttons into my thrifted ash tray—One side got the colorful ones, and the other got the black, white and brown buttons.


My hope now is that, should I ever have the need to grab a specific button for my favorite cardigan or wool coat, I will be able to find it with just a single fingertip dig rather than a full on excavation through mismatched baggies in my bathroom drawer. I’m curious though…Would you have gone a different direction if you had snagged this little orange cutie before me? Maybe use it to corral your jewelry? Paperclips? Or even ashes?? Do tell.


Dream Green DIY


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