: Furniture Cam Lock

The furniture cam lock that is common to a conventional home is lighting systems, security system, temperature control and ventilation systems, and entertainment systems. In the conventional home each is a stand system. Each separately controlled either by using the keypad, remote control, switch, and more. To get a certain condition is often the occupants should adjust some systems at once, such as adjusting lighting levels, temperature, and security protection during the night.
Furniture cam lock is a system used to integrate the various systems that are mostly located in a house. With the integration of various systems is expected to increase: convenience: the level of lighting, temperature, humidity optimum, security:

protection against unauthorized access, alarm systems, and monitoring the situation. Ease: control various systems anywhere and anytime. Efficiency: using the resource which is a major constraint in this integration is how the various systems that are already in the building can communicate with each other.

At this time there has not been a pretty dominant standard furniture cam lock used by electronics vendors as a reference. Based on the medium of communication, integration methods in use today can be divided into: Power Line: electricity using frequency modulation to transmit data. This method is also relatively easy to implement, but is often hampered by the noise on the power supply, relatively slow, and vulnerable to the problem by orders of colliding.

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