Comments update: London’s Royal College of Artwork is in the spotlight this week on Dezeen following more staff departures and the suspension of its globe-well-known Design Interactions program. Read on for more on this and investigate our comments webpage to maintain up with the most current discussions.

What’s going on at the RCA? RCA rector Paul Thompson sent an internal e-mail accusing departing workers of forcing the school to suspend a single of its most crucial courses. The story exposed the newest in a string of staff losses – prompting readers to question the institution’s place as the world’s top design school.

“The RCA’s reputation is going down pretty rapidly,” wrote Andrew, who went on to comment on a changing staff-to-student ratio at the college.

A single reader criticised Thompson’s managing of the scenario, although other individuals felt it was “sensible” to count on employees to serve their full discover.

“It would seem as though there is a culture of fear at the RCA,” mentioned an anonymous commenter. “Workers at a imaginative institution should not really feel threatened – it really is just not very good for atmosphere or the students.” Go through the comments on this story »

Portrait of Zaha Hadid by Mary McCartney Portrait of Zaha Hadid by Mary McCartney

Medal melodrama: Zaha Hadid was named as the recipient of the 2016 Royal Gold Medal for architecture, but a subsequent interview on BBC Radio 4’s These days programme dominated headlines right after swiftly going sour.

“She’s not a politician, she’s a person who has just been awarded a extremely prestigious medal for her architectural achievements and if I had been her I’d have felt disappointed and ambushed by the unconstructive tone and line of questioning,” said Paul.

“This is what passes for journalism these days,” added Derek. “Basic scandalising on no details whatsoever kudos to Hadid for not taking any of the bullsh*t.” Study the remarks on this story »

Norman FosterExodus of London creatives is “inevitable” says Norman Foster

London’s burning: the debate surrounding the future of London as a creative centre rumbled on after Norman Foster said that growing charges would push out designers and artists – but advised it might not be a negative thing. His feedback sparked a debate about wages in the inventive industries.

“Why never [employers] just pay creatives correctly, like in other businesses?” asked Boby.

“This is going to effect far more than individuals employed in the innovative industries,” proffered Sam. “Several other previously safe vocations this kind of as law, medication and engineering are going to provide less and significantly less capability for new generations to dwell in the city.” Read the remarks on this story »

Diamond Lotus by Vo Trong Nghia ArchitectsDiamond Lotus by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Tree tops: Vietnamese studio Vo Trong Nghia Architects unveiled strategies for a trio of towers linked by bridges and covered in bamboo plants this week.

“It appears Ok,” explained Jonathan Tuffin, “but if the balconies are privately owned you can fail to remember about it getting covered in bamboo for the duration.”

“The creating is not extremely interesting or gorgeous,” argued Hej, “but it is essential to offer green residing regions for people in quick-growing and polluted cities.” Read the feedback on this story »

Major picture through Lokkee on Instagram.



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