A fairly simple space was transformed into something truly unique: honestly, when have you seen most recently as a successful and at the same time great individual design? There are so many items, so many Flash colors and details here! While everything seems super harmonious, consistent and full of life. The floor plan of the terrace is square. On the left is a stone wall, their authentic TEXTUR is plain to see. Right in the picture seems to be the border with another house or another building. Right in the screen we have a walled area with a wooden lattice in the upper part.

terrace balcony plant design modern lounge furniture build yourself

You can see on the side looking towards soft deck in two levels. Instead of railing, the terrace area is protected by a glass wall. The panels are tied together by wooden beams. Simple white, large tiles were laid out on the floor. Rectangular and round shapes define the character of the room. Here they performed around the floor plan and all other constructive elements of the main. The table, the most seats, and also the flower pots are around.


The forms are consistent and that’s why everything looks. This except are almost all items for themselves. No wall is like the other, no seating except for two chairs is one of a pair. A few decoration are also pillow of same kind. The flower container are all different. But most were placed in the area specifically created out of pebbles. Among the colors yellow, Orange and Red dominate.


These are present on seat cushions, on the round seat, with the flowers. Also the fruits (oranges) and the flowers show this shade also.The colors at the breakfast table are also in harmony. All of this works wonderfully through the green background, which you can see through the window wall of the terrace.How to find this exuberant garden design? Would she fit well with the style of your home?












terrace balcony design modern furniture chairs colorful round wooden table

terrace balcony design modern furniture wood table chairs outdoor kitchen

terrace balcony design modern furniture wood table chairs patio canopy wall tiles

terrace balcony design modern orange tree plant floor tiles pebbles

terrace balcony design modern orange tree sapling plants room

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