Sofas and carpets – a tandem that Right away is associated with comfort in the winter months. The sofas are carpets with classical motifs, soft and comfortable. The sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the Interior. If it does not have enough space in the Living room, the sofa is definitely difficult selection. But it is quite realistic to combine the ample seating and compact size requirements, by means of suitable design in the room. The side and the back of the sofa can be reduced at the cost of the seat. Your sofa looks more elegant. The color is also important for the visual impression, solid, bright colors create a feeling of lightness.

oriental carpet minimalist living room

Sofas and carpets are fit and individually customized and ordered. If we have a large seating area of the sofa, the sofa can reach an oversized proportions. Its functions are then multiplied, it is a place for recreation and social contacts to a comfortable place to work, eat and sleep. Such sofa have a large backrest models, they have also additional accessories such as a place for books and drinks, folding mechanisms, etc. The quality depends on the couch filling and construction. Typically, the padding of the seat foam is filled. This material has different properties such as density, elasticity, and sustainability. Depends on the good look of your sofa.

brown upholstered sofa with wood coffee table

Wood is the most used material for furniture, including sofas. There is also a variety of other possible substances in question – plywood, OSB boards, Chipboards and plywood, whose Beständigkeit is also Very good.

Leather sofa with a round rug

The deck materials are extremely varied. If you opt for leather, you need to know in advance, it needs more care against aging and scratching formation, but its cleaning is A lot simpler and easier. Upholstery fabrics are easy to maintain in principle. For many, it is possible that they be removed and washed. In addition, certain types of textiles are processed before burns and stains. High-quality cover fabrics can sofas and carpets Of course make and preserve them for a long time.

red accents in the living room

The carpet directly to the sofa to fit, depending on the color and texture, so one of them must be in a relaxed tone. With the carpet or sofa is an accent in the room. Sophisticated shades of color that are unexpectedly combined are usually needed. Geometric patterns are Not much in demand at the moment, but the ethnic patterns are in. You can related but not on a specific culture or a specific historical period, and have a universal stylization To write Of course in a modern interior. Hand-woven and Persian carpets, are current again, new colors and a new perspective on the typical patterns. Typically, you can use them as an accent in a very clean, monochromatic Interior.

classic accents in the living room sofa with upholstered cushions

The wool is the preferred material for carpets. She has the property to absorb almost no pollution, and the texture is Very much slow aging, which is nice. But there are new synthetic materials of good quality, they are also excellent aesthetic and functional choice for your interior!

classic carpets and furniture in the living room

Leather sofa in brown living room

modern living Zipper with Teppichboden.jpeg

Retro pattern Purple Carpet cushion sofa

Upholstered Sofa Rectangular and large

Top floor living room with upholstered furniture and carpet

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