London Layout Festival 2015: the studio run by Dezeen columnist Sam Jacob has created an urn for Lenin, based mostly on a finial discovered outdoors the London house the Russian revolutionary lived in for a quick time period in 1908.

Sam Jacob Soane Museum pieces exhibition Lenin’s Urn by Sam Jacob

Lenin’s Urn was designed by London-based Sam Jacob Studio as component of the Pieces exhibition at the Soane Museum in London, which brings together a showcase of perform created by artists and designers in response to the museum’s collection of ancient sculpture fragments.

5 artists and designers have contributed operate: Jacob, Paul Elliman, Gemma Holt, Peter Marigold and Research O Transportable.

Gemma Holt Soane Museum pieces exhibition Arranging Marbles by Gemma Holt

Lenin’s Urn explores “the effect of historical past on objects”, and will take its cue from the form of a Victorian railing finial outside the Tavistock Square house inhabited by Vladimir Lenin – the communist politician that led Russia and then the Soviet Union from 1917 till 1924. The finial was 3D-scanned, enlarged and then carved on a laptop-numerically-managed (CNC) router to make a faithful recreation of the unique object.

“By way of this change in scale the acquainted gets stranger. We see the architectural figure of the urn – on which the railing finial was originally based mostly – return to its ‘real’ dimension,” stated Jacobs.

Paul Elliman Soane Museum pieces exhibition Infant you can have whatever you want by Paul Elliman

“Even as it turns into a lot more real it enlarges the transformations of put on, restore and layer upon layer of repainting that, over the many years have altered its original type.”

“These are objects created above time, pieces of urban material that, like tree rings, inform their personal story of their presence in the city,” he additional. “In their vagueness, in their sense of shrouded kind we may come to feel some vague-shaped ghost of Lenin’s presence, someplace down amongst their base coat.”

Study O Portable Soane Museum pieces exhibition Building Blocks by Research O Transportable

Review O Portable – which has previously manufactured giant bangles shaped like pineapples – developed a set of hollow wooden building blocks that come in different shapes and lengths. Pieces can be mixed together or used to stack panels of glass framed in wood.

Gemma Holt’s Arranging Marbles also recalls developing blocks, composed of a set of geometrically shaped pieces of marble that can be slotted together into a whole object or displayed individually. Dezeen previously covered Holt’s pencil-shaped jewellery, which she developed while nevertheless a student at the Royal University of Art.

Gemma Holt Soane Museum pieces exhibition Arranging Marbles by Gemma Holt

3 pieces by artist Paul Elliman are on show, every making use of identified objects to reflect on suggestions of currency and time. Peter Marigold – whose past operate involves “bleeding” cabinets and a coat stand created from a ready-made 20 litre liquid container – has also employed found objects in his Timbrephone, a xylophone-like instrument composed of objects organised in accordance to timbre.

Paul Elliman Soane Museum pieces exhibition Right after America by Paul Elliman

The pieces – on show in the museum’s No.12 Breakfast Space – are meant as a reinterpretation of the Soane’s collection of artefacts and is targeted around the notion of “the fragment”.

Paul Elliman Soane Museum pieces exhibition Infant you can have no matter what you want by Paul Elliman

“Each ancient fragment within the museum suggests an incomplete, yet intriguing image of the complete,” stated curators Tetsuo Mukai and Bernadette Deddens.

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“The objects supply tangible however imperfect insights into the past, while the incomplete images they depart prompt discussion and interpretation. The exhibition explores the idea of how the incomplete could shape the comprehensive,” they additional.

Peter Marigold Soane Museum pieces exhibition Timbrephone by Peter Marigold

Officially named Sir John Soane’s Museum after the British neo-Classical architect, the institution is positioned in his former house on Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

Peter Marigold Soane Museum pieces exhibition Timbrephone by Peter Marigold

The exhibition will be on show until 26 September 2015 as portion of this year’s London Layout Festival, which will take place from 19 to 27 September – read through Dezeen’s manual to the leading 10 installations and exhibitions to see for the duration of the festival.



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