Psychedelic Imagery Twists And Warps In Delorean’s 3D-mapped Crystal Music Video


Music: Spanish director Joan Guasch has used 3D mapping and animation to distort and transform images of a guy and woman in Delorean’s music video for Crystals (+ movie).

Crystals by Delorean music video by Joan Guasch

The video focuses on the two characters who appear to have had a breakdown in their romantic relationship. Their silhouettes morph to generate psychedelic imagery as the clip progresses.

DMP Delorean Crystals

“The storyline is about the various phases in a partnership, from the initial get in touch with to crisis and reconciliation,” Guasch advised Dezeen. “I desired to discover non-rational emotions that we have to deal with when we are in a romantic relationship.”

DMP Delorean Crystals

Guasch created the video with 3D mapping – taking 2,500 pictures of the two characters in a studio, then making 3D digital versions from the photos. Surfaces this kind of as stones and asphalt had been also scanned and integrated as textured graphics during post-production.

DMP Delorean Crystals

“Human scans had been composited with much more elements to develop a collage that transmits individuals metaphors,” Guasch informed Dezeen. “I was extremely focused on making digital compositions but in a far more organic standpoint.”

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“After I ready and animated the 3D scenes, I composed everything in post-production to give it the ultimate appear.”

DMP Delorean Crystals

The video was animated using Cinema 4D modelling software program and edited using reference frames – compressed images that anchor and define each section of the animation. Guasch divided the song into 10 sequences.

DMP Delorean Crystals

“The main animations had been quite fundamental, such as place, rotation and camera movements,” said  Guasch.

DMP Delorean Crystals

The Spanish different dance band chose Guasch for the venture as they have been supporters of the preceding movies he had directed.

“Delorean gave me a 1st thought that was taking part in with psychedelic imagery,” Guasch advised Dezeen. “They wished to generate a very inventive and abstract video.”

DMP Delorean Crystals

Guasch invested two weeks on pre-production and then an “extreme” month of composition and manufacturing, functioning alongside a photographer, a 3D animator and another 3D imaging specialist.

The video draws influences from the aesthetics of early laptop-produced imagery (CGI), web artwork and 1990s graphic design.

DMP Delorean Crystals

“In this music video I needed to experiment with 3D scanning, but in a new inventive way,” Guasch told Dezeen. “I liked the idea of treating the 3D models as digital sculptures, even taking in consideration the random errors made by the same method.”

London-primarily based 3D-scanning company ScanLAB has also experimented with the blunders and glitches made by digital equipment, curating an exhibition of pictures and videos that highlight this digital “noise”.

DMP Delorean Crystals

Delorean’s track Crystal was released as a 1-off single by means of the band’s personal record label PHLEX.



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