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I&#8217m certain I&#8217m not alone in labeling the act of accessorising a single of the most transformative and satisfying in residence beautification.

Not only does this ultimate layer help bring a area to existence, it&#8217s also just plain entertaining messing close to with a bunch of stunning objects (and, as far as decorating on a spending budget goes, there&#8217s no denying the inexpensive influence some very carefully regarded styling can impart).

I employed to re-organize all the ornamental vignettes in my residence frequently, although now, with a 3 and one particular 12 months old, I uncover it&#8217s a bit counter-productive. I&#8217ve noticed that stagnant vignettes can remain ignored for a number of months however as quickly as I move anything at all about the youngsters&#8217 interest is suddenly piqued, and positive sufficient, five minutes later my fairly new arrangement is minor more than a disheveled pile of discarded &#8216play factors&#8217.

I know in a couple of years I&#8217ll be the one particular taking part in around with the equipment when more, however for now I do miss it.

Which is why I was thrilled when my mum described she was searching at doing some zhooshing in her lounge room. Rather fortuitously, her announcement coincided with an e mail from the guys at Super Amart who were hunting to showcase some of their cost-effective homewares. Gotta enjoy it when the universe aligns!

I fell in enjoy with these Massive glass statement lamps (currently being cleared for half price &#8211 the internet site states \$89 however I acquired mine for just \$70 each in store!) so decided to make them my jumping-off stage.

Now, just to function out in which to place them.

I could have completed the typical side table thing though mum had a huge blank wall behind a single of her couches which was just crying out for one thing.


See what I indicate?

Soooo, we shifted the sofa forward slightly, slotted in a narrow sofa table and set to work producing items appear pretty.

The Power of Accessorising

Aside from the gorgeous lamps, which I adore even far more now, and the large unique abstract, which you can go through far more about under, we used issues we presently owned. Mum and I are lucky to share similar taste so we usually swap stuff around and even have a joint collection of &#8216excess&#8217 decor we can switch and adjust from.

Sofa Table Styling

Although there is nothing at all extravagant or high-priced about this vignette I like to think it has a gentle sophistication, the contrasting components functioning in harmony to impart a fresh, collected really feel. And whilst it&#8217s far from ideal to me there&#8217s just anything so beautiful about the perfect imperfection of rustic meets refined (and some thing so rewarding about producing the most of items you previously very own to generate a new seem on a tight price range).

Elegant Glass Lamp

When creating vignettes I usually have some sort of vision in mind nevertheless locate I usually finish up using a lot more components than initially planned. I don&#8217t know what it is. I tend to like the look of quite clean, sparse-ish vignettes in pictures although struggle when trying to emulate that simplicity myself. I guess deep down I just like a lot more stuff! Not also significantly though.

Sofa Table Vignette

When dressing the sofa we in fact had both green and blue velveteen cushions to select from. Green is one of my absolute favourite accent colors to use when decorating however in this case I opted for blue to reference the artwork and give some relief from the foliage of the ferns.

Here&#8217s a Photoshoped model which displays the green cushions instead.

Sofa Table Styling with Green Cushions

Which do you choose? Blue or green?

Styling with Different Coloured Cushions

Both way, it&#8217s a pretty cohesive scheme the blue ties-in with the art, the green ties-in with the foliage. I guess it just depends how considerably you really like green 🙂

I&#8217m not totally convinced with the boldness of the stripe on the lumbar cushion. I guess it does help break-up the solids even though. Once again, it&#8217s truly just a matter of individual preference.

Now, just in situation anyone is pondering how the big authentic artwork isn&#8217t &#8220extravagant&#8221 or &#8220expensive&#8221 I should most likely mention that I painted it myself! While I&#8217m underneath no illusion it&#8217s any kid of masterpiece it does seem good (if I do say so myself 🙂 and performs well in the room. It took me a number of goes to obtain the appear I was after however after I identified the techniques I required to use it was really genuinely easy&#8230and enjoyable! If you&#8217d like to see a tutorial let me know and I may well give it a go 🙂

Sofa Table Styling

I realise it&#8217s a bit skimpy only sharing this a single snippet of the space with you, although the rest of the makeover is nevertheless in the performs. I would guarantee a long term total reveal however have no idea when the space will really be comprehensive. Regardless, I hope this tidbit does assist highlight the electrical power of accessorising. I&#8217ve heard styling referred to as nothing much more than &#8216smoke and mirrors&#8217 although I&#8217m comfy admitting it&#8217s my sort of illusion!

Room Styling Before and After | The Painted Hive

Room Styling Before and After | The Painted Hive

Ahhh, taking part in vignettes &#8211 one of my absolute fave pastimes. Perhaps I need to have to get out much more!

Vignette Styling

Couldn&#8217t resist squeezing this pic of Cooper in. I attempted obtaining a shot of my mother or father&#8217s dog though he was as well fidgety. Gotta hand it to Coops, he might shed hair like a yeti though at least he&#8217s an obedient model.



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