Over one hundred merchandise designed by Dieter Rams are the topic of an exhibition at a Paris gallery, which explores the German designer’s philosophy of “much less but far better” .

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris

The Dieter Rams – Less But Better exhibition at Espace 24b is named after the former Braun designer’s iconic slogan, which summed up his approach to industrial and furniture style.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris

“With more than 400 merchandise developed by him and his group, Rams’ contribution to the historical past of industrial layout is substantial,” stated a statement from the gallery.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris 601 Chair for Vitsœ

More than a hundred of these styles are on show inside the compact exhibition designed by scenographer Théophile Calot.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris RT20 tube radio

Curators Yves Couchaux, Grégory Mesrié and Ivan Mietton chose every object to demonstrate Rams’ ten Rules of Excellent Layout – the set of rules he designed, followed and advocated during his occupation.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris Braun Portable Transistor Radio Phonograph TP1

These concepts – listed at the finish of this article – ensured that his items have been technologically advanced and, over all, easy to comprehend how to use.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris Transportable Transistor Radio Phonograph TP1

They also led to the minimum and “timeless” aesthetic that Rams has become internationally renowned for, and heavily influenced the appear and functionality of Apple’s tech items.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris T1000 radio, closed

Rams is very best identified for his work with German industrial style brand Braun, exactly where he started creating items in 1955. Six years later on, he was appointed as the company’s chief design and style officer – a position he held till 1995.

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His most recognisable products for the brand consist of the RT20 tube radio and the SK55 turntable, the two of which are on display in the exhibition. A variety of the German designer’s clocks, desk accessories and other music tools is also on show.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris T1000 radio

In 1959, Rams began creating furniture for British furniture firm Vitsœ, which still generates his items such as the 606 Universal Shelving Technique – a modular wall-mounted storage resolution.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris T3 radio

The shelves are utilized to current objects in the exhibition, positioned beside a version of his 601 Chair for Vitsœ. Smaller types are laid out across large white tabletops inside of the gallery’s brick-vaulted rooms.

Dieter Rams Less but Better exhibition in Paris Braun HI-FI: L 450 speakers, TS 45 manage unit, TG 60 tape recorder

Dieter Rams – Much less But Better runs till 14 June at Espace 24b, 24 Rue Saint Roch, Paris.

Photography is by Marco Illuminati.

Rams’ design and style ideas are listed below:

Dieter Rams’ 10 Ideas of Good Design

Excellent Layout is Innovative

The prospects for innovation are not, by any indicates, exhausted. Technological advancement is usually supplying new options for progressive style. But innovative layout always develops in tandem with progressive technological innovation, and can never be an finish in itself.

Very good Style Makes a Merchandise Useful

A product is purchased to be utilised. It has to satisfy specific criteria, not only practical but also psychological and aesthetic. Great layout emphasises the usefulness of a item even though disregarding anything that could probably detract from it.

Very good Style is Aesthetic

The aesthetic top quality of a product is integral to its usefulness due to the fact items are utilized every day and have an effect on men and women and their effectively-being. Only nicely-executed objects can be stunning.

Good Style Makes a Product Understandable

It clarifies the product’s framework. Better nevertheless, it can make the item plainly express its function by making use of the user’s intuition. At best, it is self-explanatory.

Good Design is Unobtrusive

Products fulfilling a purpose are like resources. They are neither decorative objects nor performs of art. Their layout need to as a result be both neutral and restrained, to depart area for the user’s self-expression.

Great Layout is Honest

It does not make a solution far more innovative, powerful or worthwhile than it genuinely is. It does not attempt to manipulate the client with guarantees that can’t be kept.

Good Design is Extended-lasting

It avoids being trendy and for that reason in no way appears antiquated. Not like trendy style, it lasts a lot of many years – even in today’s throwaway society.

Excellent Style Is Thorough Down to the Last Detail

Practically nothing have to be arbitrary or left to likelihood. Care and accuracy in the layout process demonstrate respect in the direction of the buyer.

Excellent Layout is Environmentally Friendly

Style helps make an essential contribution to the preservation of the setting. It conserves resources and minimises bodily and visual pollution all through the lifecycle of the item.

Excellent Design and style is as Small Style as Feasible

Less, but better – because it concentrates on the crucial elements, and the items are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.



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