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A lounge in the backyard is a pleasant factor. The example that we would like to introduce in this article, is really particular in its very own way. The outdoor lounge is namely multifunctional and different extras.

outdoor lounge wall brick wall chimney

A single is the outside Lounge on the ground. In this way a higher privacy is simulated, which consequently offers much more comfort. Also the developed-in fireplace has the very same result. It is situated in a contemporary wall in concrete appear. Decorated appropriate and with Corten steel, found a convenient storage area for fire wood. Rather plants are planted all around the seats, which convey a feeling to be associated with the nature and yet RESTful designed so the totally free time to unwind.

Contemporary rattan garden design.

The entertainment is taken care of. A laser is utilized for this objective projector. The corresponding display will in flip instantly and once again retracted when not in use. With the projector, you can observe films or but pay attention to music with each other with loved ones and friends. Natural resources have been employed for the layout of the outdoor lounge. These consist of wood, brick, metal and of course the mentioned plants. The canopy is a sort of Pergola and consists of wooden beams covered with Plexiglas. This outdoor Lounge will be protected not only from rain, but keeps the day too a lot normal sunlight on the terrace.

Designer garden furniture rattan Kunststofff

A additional accent correct next to the fire wood is the vertical garden. This manufactured construction by a Gabion, located on a concrete pedestal. The contemporary decor offering the finishing touch to the lounge region and connects nature with the modern.

Adessin Valopuu cachepot led lamp outdoor use

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