Sad news this week of the passing of iconic fashion designer Oscar de la Renta at 82. I was actually surprised he wasn’t older. The word “icon” is so overused today as much as words like “hero” and and “diva”, to the point where they don’t really mean much anymore. We have lots of celebrities and fashionistas, but not that many true fashion icons. When one reaches true icon status, it’s hard to imagine they ever weren’t here.

After all, there was this:

And so many others, right up to the end:

And of course, his interests included the home with pieces that were both of the moment and timeless.

Leopard Tumbler

Teak Serving Bowl

Gardenia Brass Napkin rings

Moroccan side table for Century Furniture

Side chairs for Century Furniture
Here’s to you Mr. de la Renta. Thanks for the beauty.

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