Opendesk Provides Open-source Furniture For Kano’s London Office


Open-source furniture company Opendesk has designed customised workspace fittings for self-construct computer brand Kano .

Kano by Opendesk

Desks and storage units were manufactured employing laptop numerically controlled (CNC) milling, primarily based on flat-pack patterns from Opendesk’s on the web platform of downloadable merchandise.

The organization worked closely with Kano to customise designs to meet the person wants of the office, including a series of shelves that double up as a display program for the parts that make up Kano’s computer kits.

Kano by Opendesk

Pieces from the kits are also displayed on a demo table at the centre of the workspace, and wall panels can be rearranged according to the demands of different visitors.

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Personal workspaces are offered by desks that include below-table storage as effectively as a series of grooves that can home phones and tablets.

Kano by Opendesk

Developed as a set that can be fully self-created, Kano kits are used in schools across the United kingdom, Europe, Asia and Africa to teach young children and youthful individuals the essentials of coding and technologies. Kano was launched in 2013 after raising more than \$1 million (£638,000) in globally donations on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Kano by Opendesk

As well as providing office furniture, Opendesk partnered with the brand to host a hackday that explored the choices for incorporating the world wide web of things (IoT) into the platform’s furniture types. The organization is now testing the possibilities for like LED notification screens and wireless charging in long term products.

Kano by Opendesk

Via its digital platform, Opendesk sells products that can be downloaded and made by makers anyplace in the globe. The firm has relationships with 200 makers in 32 diverse nations, enabling buyers to connect with local producers, and designers to share their creations globally without having worrying about distribution.

Kano by Opendesk

In June 2015, the business provided workplace fittings for the Manor Performs local community workspace building in Sheffield, which was also developed by Opendesk founder Joni Steiner. Charity Greenpeace, layout agency Revolver and venture capital traders Spark have also put in the platform’s open source furnishings in their offices.

“We feel that a new industrial revolution is just all around the corner,” Opendesk founder Joni Steiner informed Dezeen. “As on the internet sharing platforms, open-source models, digital manufacturing technologies and the maker motion create, there is an opportunity to rethink how items and companies are created and distributed on a global scale.”

Kano by Opendesk

Responding to the development in social marketplaces like Airbnb, Nimber and Etsy, Opendesk’s perform aims to move the “collaborative consumption” trend onto collaborative manufacturing.

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“We believe that creating the infrastructure to aid facilitate collaborative production – socially-aware and democratised – will allow a new and transparent comprehending of how every day products are created – by means of a process of ‘Open Making’,” Steiner stated.

Kano by Opendesk

“As electrical power shifts from the old economies, we are forced to consider new choices. By means of emerging, connected technologies we can begin to imagine a much more socially, environmentally and economically aware model – a democratised implies of production match for the 21st century… and in the process, we have the opportunity to locally reconnect with the act of Generating,” he additional.

In a piece for Dezeen, Justin McGuirk talked about the merits of open-supply layout and questioned whether it truly heralds a new era for the furniture industry.

Kano by Opendesk

Others have a lot more readily embraced the motion, with Studio Swine sharing the layout for its Open Supply Sea Chair, and Design and style Strategies filling the Tiny Residence Large Door boutique in Seoul with open-source furniture.



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