Tension lamp by Nick Ross

News: Danish furnishings brand Muuto has chosen a lamp that bends like a fishing rod as the winner of its annual Nordic design and style award for emerging talents.

Tension lamp by Nick Ross

Chosen by the Muuto team, the form of the Tension Lamp by Stockholm-primarily based Nick Ross is created using a taut wire.

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Attached from the circular base to just beneath the rounded shade, the wire is pulled tight via a loop on the stem.

Tension lamp by Nick Ross

This tensile force causes the thin stem to curve like a fishing rod with a catch on the finish of the line.

“Tension Lamp takes its function from the tension designed in constructions such as fishing rods and suspension bridges,” mentioned Ross. “Its form references Italian classics however has a cleaner, Scandinavian feel.”

Tension lamp by Nick Ross

As the arching shape is created as component of the assembly procedure, the lamp can be shipped in a smaller sized container.

The design is also lightweight because there is no want to weight the head or foot to develop the curved stem.

Tension lamp by Nick Ross

Muuto awards an revolutionary product by a student from a Nordic design college each year.

“The Muuto design team chosen the lamp as they felt that aesthetics, function and storytelling all meet in the excellent design and the references to the fishing rod are each entertaining and Scandinavian,” mentioned the firm.

Tension lamp by Nick Ross The taut wire causes the lamp to curve like a fishing rod

Previous recipients of the award incorporate a lamp that fits neatly into the edges of a room by Finnish designer Tuomas Auvinen and a chair produced from two laminated plywood shells that slot with each other with out any metal fixings by Berlin designer David Geckeler.



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