Nendo Turns Alcantara Material Into Timber-patterned Furniture


The woodgrain patterns across this furniture by Japanese style studio Nendo are formed by layering, rolling and cutting sheets of artificial suede .

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

Nendo created the effects utilizing a materials referred to as Alcantara – created from 68 per cent polyester and 32 per cent polyurethane, and produced by the Italian business of the very same name.

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

The textile has a related appear and really feel to suede, but is designed to be a lot more resilient and water resistant.

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

To kind the patterns, sheets of Alcantara in pale blue and grey tones are layered on best of 1 one more and then rolled into a cylinder.

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When sliced vertically at an angle, the material reveals a grain that could be mistaken for dyed timber.

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

“Alcantara of numerous colours have been layered and rolled up to produce a sort of log, and then reduce into slices of lumber to develop the impact of ‘Alcantara tree-rings’,” said Nendo.

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

Nendo utilised these sections to create short planks, which have been assembled into flat surfaces. Mounted onto white metal frames, the planes type chair seats and backs as nicely as more substantial tabletops to demonstrate practical applications for the experimental approach.

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

“This materials can be employed for flooring or furniture finishes, bringing out a total new expressive dimension to Alcantara,” Nendo said.

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

The completed Alcantara Wood furniture pieces are on show as component of an exhibition titled Alcantara, Technologies of Dreams, which runs right up until 31 Might at Milan’s Palazzo Reale.

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The exhibition opened to coincide with the Milan Expo 2015 occasion, for which Nendo also produced a variety of tableware on show within Japan’s pavilion.

Alcantara wood for Alcantara by Nendo

The Alcantara products were also proven at the Nendo Works 2014-2015 exhibition in April, along with much more than 100 merchandise developed by the studio over the past yr. In an interview with Dezeen, Nendo’s founder Oki Sato stated that functioning on so several projects at as soon as “relaxes” him.

Photography is by Akihiro Yoshida.



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