Japanese studio Nendo has created a perfume bottle for Paris style residence Kenzo in the shape of a tiny totem pole.


Manufactured from dark purple glass, the bottles hold Kenzo Parfums’ new Totem unisex fragrance. Nendo developed the packaging and logo for the scent selection, which was designed for a generation brought up with globalisation.

“Where previous generations have felt variations of nationality, language, and religion much more acutely, the younger generation of today have comparatively fewer cultural divides to cross, enjoying a greater shared sense of identity by way of the international spread of online media and applications,” mentioned Nendo.


“This versatile and approaching generation, with their mobile and vibrant lifestyles, are like a new ‘tribe’ in modern day life, and this new unisex fragrance has been developed to symbolise their interconnectedness.”

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Totem poles have been initial created as wooden monuments by the indigenous peoples of North America. Like these structures, Nendo’s bottles are formed from different-shaped factors that are stacked on top of one particular an additional.


The bottle and the uppermost lid segment are intended to “merge into one another to develop an total reliable and monolithic design and style”.

Kenzo’s fragrance comes in three variations, each and every signified by a diverse coloured band all around a pinched section and matching lettering that spells out the scent’s name around the middle.


Triangles, rectangles and circles are employed to kind the blocky letters, which are printed in yellow for the citrus fragrance, orange for the floral scent and blue for the fruity assortment.

“This simplistic and bold style is a very symbol-oriented try to capture and mix the primal with the transnational two defining essences of the generation at which this new fragrance is aimed,” mentioned Nendo.


The logos are also utilised on stripes down the perfume boxes, which are patterned with black-and-white chevrons. The graphics are somewhat distorted to subtly depict the outline of the bottle on each side.

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Tokyo-based mostly Nendo, led by designer Oki Sato, has previously made a seemingly-empty perfume bottle and a variety of stackable cosmetics packaging. It was also one of contributors to a series of scent-associated installations at Milan design week 2015.

KENZO PARFUMS by Nendo A Nendo sketch showing the notion behind the Totem fragrance packaging

For the duration of the Milan occasion in April, Sato told Dezeen that operating on 400 goods at a time “relaxes” him.

Photography is by Akihiro Yoshida.


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