Additional Moooi: interiors could quickly feature carpets on the walls as nicely as the floor thanks to advanced “print on demand” engineering, according to designers (+ film).

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Eden Queen by Marcel Wanders

Moooi launched Moooi Carpets in April in Milan, a new company that can print almost everything from bespoke rugs to full-width fitted carpets to order at incredibly high definition.

Ross Lovegrove portrait Ross Lovegrove in front of his Seaweed carpet for Moooi. Copyright: Dezeen

“This is totally brand new technology and I think as a business model inside of Moooi it will explode,” says designer Ross Lovegrove, who believes the technologies could enable designers and architects to generate new interior spaces with better acoustics.

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Seaweed by Ross Lovegrove

“As an alternative of these hard, glassy environments that are really testing, you might deliver comfort in new ways,” he explains. “Envision a room the place you can go from a wall to a floor to even a piece of furniture in a seamlessly integrated way. I consider it could bring designers and architects a new sort of freedom.”

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Cellular by Ross Lovegrove

The technology permits designers to do things they “could not ever do before,” claims Dutch designer and Moooi art director Marcel Wanders.

“We are able to make carpets with severe definition, excessive detail,” he explains. “We can do broadloom, we can do wall-t0-wall spaces. It really is variety of print on demand carpets.”

Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers portrait Moooi co-founders Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. Copyright: Dezeen

Moooi employs a giant one hundred-metre-extended machine in Germany to print the carpets, which can be up to four metres wide.

“There is a variety of 648 colours that we use and they are exact, they are very precise,” says Moooi CEO Casper Vissers. “The technical specifications of the machine permit us to go very deep with the ink into the pile of the carpet.”

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Tomorrow by Marcel Wanders

To present off the capabilities of the new technologies, Wanders designed a series of photorealistic rugs that appear like carved stone reliefs, while Lovegrove designed a rug immediately from a photograph of seaweed he took on his iPhone.

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Remnant 1 by Neri&ampHu

A host of other designers including Studio Work, Neri&ampHu and Front contributed rugs to the company’s inaugural collection, which launched with 48 various patterns.

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Hexagon Carpet by Studio Task

Moooi Carpets will also generate a series of template patterns referred to as Moooi Works, which can be customised with various colors and sizes, while consumers will also be capable to have their own styles or pictures printed from scratch.

“You can be completely cost-free,” says Vissers. “You can make your very own globe, generally.”

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Scribble by Front

This movie was filmed at Moooi’s Sudden Welcome exhibition in Milan, which was at By way of Savona 56 from 14 to 19 April.

It is element of our yr-prolonged Additional Moooi collaboration, which will see us functioning with Moooi in Milan, New York, London and Amsterdam as we get underneath the skin of the brand, its products and designers.

Moooi carpets for Milan 2015 Digit by Marcel Wanders

The music featured in the movie is by Dutch musician Joep Beving, who performed dwell at the opening of the Unexpected Welcome present. His debut album Solipsism is available on iTunes now.

Additional footage of the manufacturing approach utilised in the movie is courtesy of Cocon Productions.



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