A modest wooden shed constructed from stacks of timber planks in a Bavarian discipline varieties a property for a herd of goats owned by German architect Michael Kühnlein .

Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein Architektur

Kühnlein – who runs nearby studio Kühnlein Architektur with Michael Kühnlein senior – created the small, flat-roofed shed on a internet site beside a grove of trees close to the miniature goats’ grazing pastures in Upper Palatinate, a area in eastern Bavaria.

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Taking the standard wooden houses of the regional area as a starting stage, the architect set about creating a structure that could be built totally from timber. With the assist of a good friend, he constructed the shed by stacking narrow planks of pale spruce wood and making use of only nails to join the walls, floors and roof.

Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein Architektur

“The wooden cube, lowered to the necessaries, must be a good instance for agricultural buildings, integrating the free landscape around it,” mentioned Kühnlein.

“Calculations and pricey components are essential for the execution of any elaborate strategies,” stated the architect, who rather chosen the planks of spruce as a less expensive substitute to prefabricated sheds. “It is an eye-catching and cost-effective different to produced backyard sheds as they are accessible in hardware retailers.”

Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein Architektur

The interlocked walls are formed from alternating long and quick lengths of timber. This overlapping formation produces a pattern from the smooth lengths and sawn ends that run vertically down each corner of the shed.

Slender horizontal openings create a grill along the front of the construction that provides ventilation and daylight for the goats.

Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein Architektur

The shed is raised on chunky timber legs more than the uneven ground to supply a flat floor for the animals. The floor platform is produced from vertically laid planks, in trying to keep with the design of the walls.

A small doorway set into the facade in which the floor is furthest from the ground offers a goat-scale entrance that takes advantage of the animals’ all-natural agility, whilst a total-height door hinges from the rear corner of the framework to offer an opening that enables humans to enter and clean out the shed.

Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein Architektur

Inside, the shed is divided in two by a slatted partition wall that separates the animals from a feed storage location.

The undertaking was the winner of the Bavarian timber award Holzbaupreis Bayern 2014, an annual competitors sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Foods, Agriculture and Forestry for energy-efficient and value-effective wooden architecture.

Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein Architektur

Photography is by Erich Spahn.

Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein ArchitekturFloor prepare Goat barn in Bavaria by Kühnlein ArchitekturSegment Dezeen


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