Living Under The Roof – Luxurious Attic Room In Stockholm!


December 8, 2014   Home decorating

Live under the roof – this is the current topic of our new article! The photos that we have collected, show you a fantastic stylish mansard in Stockholm. With your modern and typical Swedish architecture, this apartment has a particularly elegant and functional, and at the same time is also very bright and comfortable.

chic design kitchen attic

The apartment is furnished with natural wood floors and modern white furniture and is perfectly lit. Enjoy the style and elegance in the housing under the roof!

Attic Norrbackagatan Stockholm

chic design kitchen design attic

cool attic on Norrbackagatan Stockholm

cool design in the attic

Elegant attic Norrbackagatan Stockholm

Elegant Attic on Norrbackagatan Stockholm design

Elegant Attic on Norrbackagatan Stockholm ideas

elegant attic Wohnidee

Hallway in the attic of modern design

Living Beneath the roof Norrbackagatan Stockholm ideas

Living Beneath the roof Norrbackagatan Stockholm

Living Beneath the roof Stockholm

modern attic Norrbackagatan Stockholm ideas

modern attic Norrbackagatan Stockholm

modern loft modern design

modern loft Norrbackagatan Stockholm

modern loft Stockholm

nice design attic

Stockholm living under the roof

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