Close to the nature. This is certainly a Very much important subject in contemporary design. Here you can handle it in the most diverse ways.Often it is sustainably-produced materials, or architecture, Which one reverse sweeps the boundaries between the inside and outside.

aquarium island in the kitchen

In our case, it has captured a part of the ocean and turned into a part of the equipment for kitchens. That’s what you see in the picture. A kitchen island, Which one at the same time represents an aquarium. So one you can feel no different than probably in the cooking.You wonder how the ceiling? You have to simply press a button and it happened. You can then take care of the fish. Great and super practical, or?

aquarium kitchen island

These aquariums for kitchens are of a limited series. They are also Very much handy. These are manufactured in a manner, so that there is Very much A lot of place.Not all kitchens so something can be integrated. But if you are looking for a stunning centre piece and real beauty in this space, we can imagine little better. Especially people who like to integrate the tropical look in apartments, would love to an equipment.

aquarium in the kitchen island

Robert Kolenik is the author of this stylish design. He creates miracles in the kitchen by the mix of materials and sustainable methods with timeless design. His professional background is interesting as his work. He first studied economics, and then he decided to design. Yet he has a Very much varied work. He designed everything from furniture to Leuchten.Hauptinspirationsquelle for his works the nature represents. This happens not only in the form of using sustainable materials, but also by the figure whose real forms, as is the case with this kitchen.

aquarium in the kitchen

great aquarium kitchen island

in the kitchen island aquarium

kitchen island ideas aquarium

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