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Long from the furnishings retailer hanging Fabric scarves has but almost everybody outside the window! It have to be not constantly very same curtains, which you have to often cumbersome wash and iron complicated that dangle as dust on the floor and complicated to set up. Significantly far more useful and above all a lot more personal options to curtains, there are. They adorn not only the window, they are even modest imaginative functions of art, so no 2nd house has. Pimp your window decoration with denfrischen ideas, which we present to you, on.

Curtain Green window decorations

Pleats: Bunte materials variation!

No question: Textiles of all sorts get comfort in your very own four walls. But fabric curtain is not the same fabric curtain. How about a store lining in wrinkles squeezed me with a pleated? These are available in almost each imaginable colour and even with distinct patterns from companies this kind of as The pleated blinds can be targeted at the institution and thanks to effortless Assembly adapted to the respective window.

DIY make window decorations himself Projects Curtain

Roman blinds offer you yet another way to use fabric for the window decoration. It adorns the window width, a panel which can be locked in distinct heights. Roman blinds can be sewn merely from a preferred material itself. Together with matching decoration candles and vases on the windowsill, pleats and Roman blinds are an absolute eye-catcher at the window.

häkelgardinen ombre style white blue window decorations

Get off the table: Doilies

You have always wondered what they need to do with the Doilies from Grandma’s heritage? Use it for your new window decoration! Regardless of whether plain coloured in white or vivid colors – if you sew the single doily and hangs on a straightforward curtain rod, a nostalgic hanging of a particular type arises.

pink curtain window decorations opaque curtains and blinds

With glass crystals capture light

But it goes even without substances: you get about a dozen glass crystals of various shapes and colors from the craft keep. These are hung on a beautiful silk ribbon in different heights outdoors the window. If then, the Sun through Glitters, fantastic lighting effects present up in the apartment. This produces no curtain!

Curtain ideas and examples window decorations

Own homegrown paper

With each other with the young children messing colorful garlands to set up longitudinal or transverse in front of the window. Reduce out flower shapes from a number of sheets of paper and stick them on both sides on a tape. A number of flower bands then easily change a curtain. Tip: Easter Christmas tree garlands can be hung up instead of flowers – Easter egg garlands and Christmas.

Paper can be much more: it prints the favored images from vacation on transparent paper, you can make a super substitute of curtain also it. When minimize along the paper then in square form, and side by side hangs on a thin wire rope with wonderful linen , this produces an extraordinary half curtain.

window decorations prepared curtains olive green with gathering tape

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