Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller has developed a new limited-edition banknote for the Brixton Pound, a currency that supports south London’s regional economic system.

To mark five years considering that the currency’s launch, the Brixton Pound just lately unveiled a new specific-edition of the B£5 designed by British artist Deller – who won the top Turner Prize in Uk art in 2004.

The new note attributes a psychedelic graphic around an unidentifiable face on the front, accompanied by a quote from philosopher Karl Marx’s guide Capital on the back.

Brixton banknote by Jeremy Deller

The banknote was produced by the artist in partnership with London-based mostly Fraser Muggeridge Studio, with further inventive route provided by design company This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll.

“These are the most wonderful currency notes ever developed, no exaggeration,” said This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll imaginative director Charlie Waterhouse. “They’re stunning and mysterious, spiritual and politicising.”

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“In two sides of paper it supplies the most compelling response to the rot that emanates from the Square Mile that I have observed given that we have been all advised we had to dwell underneath the yoke of austerity,” he added.

Brixton banknote by Jeremy Deller

Launched in September 2009 by local community-led organisation Transition Town Brixton, the Brixton Pound was established as a way of helping independent businesses in the location. The first notes featured images of prior popular nearby residents, like artist Vincent van Gogh and author CLR James.

Meant to be utilized alongside regular money, the Brixton Pound functions on the basis that it will circulate in the neighborhood economy, benefiting smaller sized traders rather than chains or huge brand names. A lot more than 200 companies in Brixton at the moment accept the paper currency, as effectively as the electronic B£ pay out-by-text platform.

Second edition of the Brixton banknote by This Ain't Rock 'N' Roll 2nd edition of the Brixton banknote by This Ain’t Rock ‘N’ Roll

In 2011, the Pound received a redesign from inventive studio This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll, who featured far more nearby heroes across the different denominations of notes, including the instantly recognisable face of musician David Bowie on the B£10 note. Basketball player Luol Deng and second globe war spy Violette Szabo also appeared on the B£5 and B£20 banknotes.

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The specific artist edition has been printed in a restricted run, with each and every note featuring an individual serial variety. Banknotes are accessible in nearby stockists, as properly as on the internet via Brixton Pound’s store.

Second edition of the Brixton banknote by This Ain't Rock 'N' Roll Second edition of the Brixton banknote by This Ain’t Rock ‘N’ Roll

“His extraordinary style adds a significant and provocative message that reflects our intention to increase the conversation of how we understand, use and value cash in this time of economic instability and what we could aspire to in the long term,” the Brixton Pound additional.

Other latest bank note types include design and architecture studio Snøhetta’s pixellated graphics for Norway’s currency, while the United kingdom unveiled a twelve-sided £1 coin final yr.



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