Wahana Architects utilized a mixture of red brick, perforated metal and slatted timber to supply various amounts of exposure for every single floor in the PS-26 Workplace in Jakarta, Indonesia .

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

The Indonesian studio designed the PS-26 office for a corner plot in midtown Jakarta. To supply an oasis from the hubbub of the city, the architects preserved existing trees in the grounds and extra trailing planting to soften the edges of the building.

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

Pools of water and pockets of planting set around the foot of the block are designed to develop a serene atmosphere.

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

The major offices are shielded from view behind brick walls and perforated metal cladding on the uppermost floor of the developing, while ground-level meeting rooms are glazed to give views of the gardens.

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“The notion is to lift the major functions of the creating to hide the sight of the hectic neighbourhood and let all-natural air and light to pour in by inserting a void open area in between them – a modest nevertheless efficient technique in the direction of the present urban setting,” explained the architects.

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

A sunken passageway with textured concrete walls and a glass ceiling connects an underground carpark and training suite to the ground-degree entrance.

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

Water trickles down the rugged concrete walls of the passageway from a pool overhead, while a row of trees that rise through openings in the glass roof supply shelter.

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

Architects have been increasingly incorporating trees in the two residential and workplace interiors as a means of preservation, as well as decoration.

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

“The landscaping element is important for incorporating a tropical mood,” explained the architects. “The preserved trees which penetrate the water characteristic effortlessly act as a buffer towards the surrounding surroundings as well as a calming atmosphere, while the plants dangling from the glass roof soften the interior composition.”

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“The lobby, the lounges region and meeting rooms are designed as transparent as feasible towards reflective pond and garden – generating an urban oasis.”

PS-26 Office by Wahana Architects

Ribs of warm-toned teak wood enclose a stairwell and an atrium at the heart of the developing, while elevated walkways with wooden floorboards and perforated metal siding echo the external cladding.

Photography is by Fernando Gomulya.

Task credits:

Architects: Wahana Architects
Architects in charge: Rudy Kelana, Gerard Tambunan
Design and style group: Sofia Purba
Construction advisor: Ricky Theo
Primary contractor: Wahana Cipta Selaras
Interior: Round Table Interior
Lighting: Artmosphere Lighting

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