Jaime Hayón uses marble and ceramics to
produce “fantastical urban landscape” for MINI

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this film filmed in Milan, Spanish designer Jaime Hayón explains why he employed standard craft resources in his set up showcasing MINI’s new electric scooter notion.

Urban Perspectives installation by Jaime Hayón for MINI

Hayón’s Urban Perspectives installation displayed MINI’s Citysurfer electric scooter on a forty-mete-extended marble table with gold road markings on it, which weaved via a series of striped columns and hand-manufactured ceramic lamps.

Urban Perspectives installation by Jaime Hayón for MINI

“The commission I had was to interpret the theme of urban mobility, so I thought about making a sort of fantastical landscape,” Hayón explains in the movie.

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“There’s an aesthetic that is striving to contrast quite much with the world of technical design,” he adds. “On a single hand you have the technology, which makes it possible for us to have the Citysurfer, which is very a lot about aluminium, composite components. On the other hand you have us functioning with components that have been there permanently.”

Urban Perspectives installation by Jaime Hayón for MINI

Hayón believes that there is worth in bringing together these contrasting designs.

“This blend brings up a fantastical new world that I am actually happy about,” he says. “I believe it brings us experimentation and remedies that would have never ever have been accomplished in another sort of context.”

Urban Perspectives installation by Jaime Hayón for MINI

The MINI Citysurfer is a idea electric scooter that can be folded down so it fits in the boot of a automobile. The concept is that, as cities get a lot more congested and expensive, drivers in potential will park their automobile on the outskirts of town and make the ultimate leg of their journey electrically.

“It’s an extension of your auto when you come into a city,” Hayón explains.

Urban Perspectives installation by Jaime Hayón for MINI

Hayón also developed a selection of outfits and accessories to use with the scooter, which were displayed around the set up, which includes a series of helmets and a jacket with numerous pockets so you never need to have to carry a bag when you’re riding it.

“We experimented with to recognize what the Citysurfer was about,” he explains. “It’s the concept of obtaining anything that makes it possible for you to move in the city with a specific variety of freedom.”

Jaime Hayón Jaime Hayón

The music in the film is a track named Trash Digital by Uk producer 800xL.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers is an ongoing collaboration with MINI exploring how design and technology are coming together to shape the long term.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers

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