Benjamin Hubert’s London studio Layer has made a modular screen system made up of triangular hemp tiles for Australian textile firm Woven Picture (+ slideshow).

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

The Scale system relies on a hexagonal framework that is constructed from personal three-pronged thermoplastic sections. These join with each other to produce a base for the covering fabric tiles, and rest on oval aluminium feet.

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“Following experimenting with a wide selection of structural types we arrived at the skeleton structure as it was the best balance in between structural rigidity in plastic – picked for its lower expense than metal to preserve the merchandise value available – and visual appeal with a robust identity,” Hubert informed Dezeen.

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

Double-sided triangular pieces, produced from recycled and pressed hemp, then clip to the framework making use of magnets that are positioned at the corners of each and every tile.

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

“It is one hundred per cent recycled and recyclable,” said Hubert.

“It has a really light footprint and an open framework which increases the material surface spot, improving the acoustic sound-absorbing properties of Scale.”

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

Indentations in the materials result in the pattern of the hexagonal construction to show by means of once the screen is constructed.

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

The 330-millimetre-tiles can be eliminated to create openings, and end users can excellent gentle bends in the display by adding curved framework pieces.

The complete Scale program can be assembled with out tools, as the components clip collectively employing a bolt method.

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

“Workplaces today are continually in flux, with teams organically growing and shrinking as projects demand,” mentioned Hubert, who developed similarly modular screens for the 2013 edition of a hundred% Design.

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“Commercial interior spaces require to be capable adapt to these demands and Scale for Woven Picture delivers a resolution to allow this with the two flexibility and adaptability, while retaining a powerful sense of visual engagement.

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

Using the modular framework, the Scale partition can be adapted for the needs of different spaces, and made bigger or smaller sized as needed.

The business claims that by creating the item so adaptable, its lifespan has been extended and its carbon footprint diminished.

Scale partition by Benjamin Hubert

Since rebranding his studio as Layer earlier this 12 months, Hubert has redesigned the charity collection box and launched a concept wearable that could track individual carbon consumption.

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