The Baroque urban preparing of Karlsruhe, Germany, influenced the latticed timber structure of this pavilion, developed by Berlin studio J Mayer H to celebrate the city’s 300th anniversary .

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H

The KA300 Pavilion, which opened earlier this week, comprises a wonky three-dimensional grid of crisscrossing timber members, framing a versatile events area that will host a variety of activities throughout the summertime.

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H

Each and every of the upright aspects factors towards the heart of the three-century-outdated city, which has turn into renowned for a radial layout that surrounds a Baroque palace.

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H

“The twisted pattern of the pavilion refers to the strictly geometric, radial layout of the Baroque-planned city of Karlsruhe with the palace as the focal point, transforming it into a spatial area of lines,” stated J Mayer H in a statement.

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“On many layers in and on the structure, exhibition platforms, resting spaces, and viewing platforms emerge.”

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H

The city’s radial strategy includes 32 circulating streets and avenues, as nicely as the Schlossgarten park. This is the place the pavilion has been constructed, in the region north west of the palace, or “Schloss”.

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H Photograph by Uli Deck

The structure’s outline is defined by in excess of 50 vertical columns that surround a hollow interior. This space attributes a stage, allowing the developing to be utilized as both an indoor auditorium, or for outside film screenings and performances.

It also accommodates a cafe, an details stage and various informal seating locations, whilst stairs lead up to a viewing platform on the roof.

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H Photograph by Michael Kneffel

J Mayer H won a competition to design and style the pavilion in early 2014, following on from the firm’s Metropol Parasol undertaking in Seville, Spain, that also employed a timber lattice building.

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H

The studio worked closely with wood manufacturer Rubner to calculate the precise information of the fabrication, which commenced in February, and the pavilion opened to the public on 20 June.

The structure will continue to be in place right up until September, just before getting dismantled and moved for use in a new place.

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer H

The studio, led by architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann, is also at present operating on a shopping centre close to Berlin’s Alexanderplatz.

Photography is by Frank Dinger, apart from where otherwise credited.

Task credits:

Architect: J Mayer H und Companion, Architekten
Companion in charge: Jürgen Mayer H.
Undertaking architect: Sebastian Finckh
Task crew: Georg Fassl, Maxim Margorskyi
Consumer: Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe
Timber construction: Rubner
Lighting designer: Lichttransfer
Creating services: Ingenieurbüro Jicha

Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer HSite strategy Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer HFloor strategy Jubilee Pavillon KA300 by J Mayer HPart Dezeen


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